Thursday, August 26, 2004

Some helpful comments

Last night we received some fantastic posts from an obviously disgruntled Republican. Most interestingly - this person refused to disclose his identity. I am sharing Anonymous' comments with you because I believe they are helpful in illustrating the increasingly desperate tactics being waged by a party likely to lose its congressional majority. Here they are:

Anonymous: "David Sanders will not let let voters know his position on issues."

Jim B. Johnson: Actually, David has made his positions very clear - Just go to Of course, don't expect to see Steve Buyer's positions there, he refuses to respond. Maybe he doesn't want to remind everyone that he advocates dropping nuclear bombs on Afghanistan.

Anonymous: "Almost half of David Sanders money comes from outside Indiana---from east coast and west coast liberals!"

Jim B. Johnson: Well not exactly. Anonymous is not only desperate, he/she is completely misinformed. The overwhelming majority of David's finances are composed of small donations from many concerned CITIZENS in the fourth district. Since anonymous is not being clear about facts, let's help him/her out: Congressman Buyer has accepted over $58,000 from large Tobacco companies since 1994 (more than any candidate in Indiana history). You should really take a look Congressman Buyer's special interest donations by visiting:

Well that's it for now. You can email me at - and by the way, my name is Jim B. Johnson.

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