Integrity and Accountability
The primary responsibility of an elected official in a democracy is to tell the truth.  It is clear that Congressman Buyer does not share a commitment to this principle.

From the Lafayette Journal and Courier, 4/1/2004 -
Letter to the Editor

     Republican Congressmen are once again playing their politics-of- resentment game of "Let's pretend we're going to amend the U.S. Constitution." The current ruse is just another in a long series of proposed reactionary amendments. It is ironic that the Republican Congress refuses to abide by the 27th Amendment, which is the most recent to be ratified. It reads, "No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of representatives shall have intervened." It plainly means that Congress cannot raise (or decrease) its pay during a term. However, the Republican Congress has routinely violated this amendment through congressional hocus-pocus. Congressional salary raises during a term are called "cost-of-living" increases and thereby somehow become permissible. This unconstitutional money grab has been supported by U.S. Rep. Steve Buyer, R-4th District, and is opposed by Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Indiana, and Democratic representatives from Indiana. Buyer feels he can get away with this, because he thinks that no one is watching and that the voters won't hold him accountable. I believe he is wrong.

     I pledge that if I am elected to serve as U.S. representative I will keep neither the most recent rise in salary nor any increase in congressional pay granted in this unconstitutional fashion. It is essential that the U.S. Constitution receive the respect that it deserves.


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