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Tuesday, July 6, 2004

The Effects of Free Trade Agreements

Tuesday, July 6, 2004--Dr. David Sanders, candidate for the office of U.S. Representative for the 4th Congressional District of the State of Indiana appeared at a press conference at 12:00 noon Tuesday, July 6, 2004 in the 2nd floor Council Room at the White County Courthouse in Monticello.

Dr. Sanders began by asking for a moment of silence to remember the Americans who have died or been wounded serving their country in Afghanistan and Iraq. Dr. Sanders then discussed the effects of free-trade agreements and the costs of health care and health insurance upon job creation.

"Increasing the number of jobs that pay enough to support a family is a major concern in White County. I believe that the government is responsible for the conditions that either promote or interfere with job retention and creation. I do not support free-trade agreements that eliminate worker’s jobs, worker-safety regulations or environmental protections. I differ on this with Congressman Buyer, who is the only current Indiana Congressman that supported NAFTA.

"Controlling the viruses that threaten human health has been a major component of my professional life. I perceive another health care-related threat to Americans. As I have traveled throughout the 4th Congressional District, I have repeatedly heard stories about the loss of manufacturing jobs, small businesses and farms because of the high cost of health care, health benefits and health insurance. Bringing these under control will create and preserve jobs in the United States.

"Access to affordable health insurance and health care for all is essential for American competitiveness. I have heard examples where fears concerning obtaining health insurance have inhibited entrepreneurship and business creation. People feel they can't take the risk to start their own businesses because of the difficulty of finding affordable health insurance. They don't find the alternative, being uninsured and exposing their families to possible bankruptcy in the case of unexpected illnesses, an appealing one. I differ with Rep. Steve Buyer who says that affordable health care for all is not the government's business. Interestingly, in today’s Indianapolis Star is an editorial that favors my position on this issue and opposes Congressman Buyer’s.

"If I am elected, I will work to ensure that high-quality health care is available to all -- to the most vulnerable in our society, to our veterans and to the elderly, who have contributed so much over their life spans and still have so much to contribute."

Dr. Sanders also discussed the respect that is due to Americans serving in the Armed Forces. "Great sacrifices are being asked of our troops serving overseas. Their tours of duty have been extended. Honorably discharged soldiers are being recalled to service. Our troops face ongoing hostility in a situation for which inadequate preparations were made. I believe that their dedication should be respected."

"Congressman Buyer does not share my approach. He has called Americans who serve in the Armed Forces with the goal of obtaining a college education as well as defending their country "pantywaists." He has ridiculed members of the Air Force calling them "pampered" saying that if they don't get their "air conditioning and … pizza on time" they complain.

"I would never make such insulting statements. The country is asking far too much from our troops to subject them to such rudeness."

"I have been working hard to meet and listen to the people of White County. I have visited White County several times during the campaign. I marched in the Wolcott July 4th parade the other day. I have had the privilege of discussing the concerns of the residents of White County with a number of your fine local officials. I feel that the better you get to know me the more you will wish to support me. The people of Monticello and White County also have had the longest time to experience Congressman Buyer. I urge the people of White County to share what they know with the voters in the rest of the district."


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