Thank you very much for your kind interest in contributing to my campaign

Now that you know more about me, the issues and values I stand for, and the activities of my campaign, I hope you will make a contribution to our efforts.

You can contribute on line, or you can print out a form, fill it out, and mail in your contribution.

Your support will make a real difference. Thank you again for contributing.

Rules Governing Campaign Contributions
We may accept contributions from an individual totaling up to $1,000 per election (primary and general). Federal law prohibits contributions to the campaign from:

  • the general treasury funds of corporations, labor organizations or national banks (including corporate or other business entity credit cards);
  • any person contributing another person's funds;
  • foreign nationals who lack permanent resident status;
  • and government contractors.

We may accept contributions from minor children (i.e., persons under 18 years of age) if the minor makes the contribution knowingly and voluntarily, and the child contributes his or her own funds, and the contribution is not controlled by another individual or made from the proceeds of a gift given to provide funds to be contributed.


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