Democrats Make a Call For Reversal

Published Wednesday 17 of March, 2010

Ronald Hawkins, Reporter Times

Martinsville—Morgan County Democrats were told Tuesday they need to work to stymie further big business control of the 4th District U.S. House seat and state offices.

The Jefferson Jackson Dinner Program at the Morgan County Fairgrounds featured speeches by David Sanders, candidate for the 4th District U.S. House of Representatives seat; Tom McKenna and Vop Osili, candidates for the Democratic nomination for Indiana secretary of state; Pete Buttigier, state treasurer; Sam Locke, state auditor; and Mark Anderson, candidate for Morgan County sheriff. The dinner is named after former presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.

Sanders told the gathering that while Jackson had some questionable attributes, including his attacks of Native Americans, the former president had two admirable traits: a belief in the union of the United States and a belief in letting the people, not businesses, run the government.

Jackson was opposed by big business interests, Sanders said. He went on to say the 4th U.S. House District seat, while held by Steven Buyer has been controlled by big business interests and will continue to be if one of the Republican candidates seeking to succeed Buyer is elected.

Sanders, a Purdue University biology professor, said the composition of Congress shouldn’t be limited to lawyers; rather, scientists, engineers and others should be a part of that mix. The economic advances of the United States have been a result of scientific and technological progress, he said.

Sanders said he also supports tax relief for middle class residents and working families and incentives for small business owners to create new jobs. He said he would work to ensure veterans receive benefits they are promised.

The road for the candidate, who has previously run for the seat, hasn’t always been easy, he said.

Encountering a group that included many supporters of Republican candidates, Sanders said he asked, “Don’t you want to vote for the best candidate?”

“‘No,’” a woman said, “‘I’m going to vote for the Republican.’”