Lafayette Holds District 4 Luncheon

Published Saturday 17 of April, 2010

Dorothy Schneidery, Journal and Courier

Nearly all of the District 4 congressional candidates who spoke Friday in Lafayette could at least agree on one thing.

The final question of the nearly 90-minute luncheon hosted by Greater Lafayette Commerce asked each candidate: “If elected, would you open a district office in Lafayette.”

Eight of the 11 candidates said “yes” and two said they did not know. Eleven of the 16 candidates competing in the District 4 primary this spring appeared at the luncheon.

Each was given three minutes for introduction and then one minute each to answer specific questions.

Much of the discussion focused on spending at the federal level and whether candidates would work for local earmarks.

Allen Collicott, a Republican voter and chamber member, said the event helped him narrow his choices in the race. But he’s still deciding between several candidates.

“I like the idea of trying to get the budget balanced,” Collicott said. Candidate views on that issue will likely sway his vote, because Collicott said he is feeling the strain of taxation both as a small business owner and rental property owner.

Most of the Republican candidates Friday said they will not vote for spending if it increases the deficit.

And even when asked if they would seek and support local efforts to enhance the Wabash River corridor, the following candidates said they likely would not given the nation’s current financial situation: Republicans Charles Henderson of Greenwood, Mark Seitz of Indianapolis, Mike Young of Indianapolis and Daniel Dunham of Mooresville; along with Tara Nelson of Lafayette.

Republican Brandt Hershman of Buck Creek said he would support the project, as he has as a state senator. And Democrat David Sanders agreed that he would support what has already been a bipartisan project. Republican Todd Rokita of Indianapolis said it’s worth looking at, but also said he’s against earmarks.