Candidate Holds Town Hall Meetings

Published Friday 23 of April, 2010


A candidate for the fourth district congressional seat holds a town hall meeting to find out what is important to constituents.

Democratic candidate David Sanders said he traveled the fourth district to listen to people he hopes to represent. Sanders is an associate professor in Purdue’s Department of Biology. He told people at the Tippecanoe County Public Library today he hopes to bring transparency to his term in Congress.

“As a representative I represent the people instead of corporate political action committees (PAC) and lobbyists. I have proposed that it be a rule that Congressmen who sit on a particular committee can’t accept campaign contributions form corporate PACs or lobbyists that have business in front of that committee. I will follow that rule myself,” said Sanders.

Sanders said he’ll also focus on bringing jobs to the fourth district. The seat is currently held by Republican Steve Buyer who will not seek reelection.