Candidate Starts Race On High Note

Published Wednesday 26 of May, 2010

Journal and Courier

By Dorothy Schneider, Journal and Courier

David Sanders, the Democratic candidate for the 4th District congressional
seat, spent time Tuesday touting some of the good work done by outgoing
U.S. Rep. Steve Buyer.

Buyer, a Monticello Republican, is leaving office at the end of this year,
which set up the current race between Sanders and Todd Rokita, the GOP
victor from the primary and Indiana’s secretary of state.

Sanders, who’s run unsuccessfully against Buyer twice before, said his
campaign will focus on what the next congressman from Indiana’s 4th
District should do to distinguish himself from his predecessor.

Taking a somewhat unorthodox approach, Sanders on Tuesday kicked off his
general election campaign by focusing on aspects of the job he says Buyer
has done well.

Sanders commended the outgoing congressman on bringing funding to the
district for transportation projects and hybrid CityBus vehicles, for
raising awareness of some veterans issues and for holding job fairs in the

Still, the Democrat said he does not agree with much of what Buyer has
done in office, and he promised to delve into some of those issues in
future campaign appearances.

When asked how he differentiates himself from Rokita, Sanders said all of
the Republican candidates who competed in the primary seemed like they
would continue the work that Buyer has done.

“I will be very different,” Sanders said. “I will be focused on local
projects and bringing jobs to Indiana.”

Sanders challenged Rokita to differentiate himself from Buyer. But Mike
Sullivan, a spokesman with Rokita’s campaign, responded by saying: “Steve
Buyer has done a lot of great things in office.

Rokita has said he will not support earmarks for local projects if that
spending adds to the national debt.