Debate challenge tendered in the 4th.

Published Wednesday 09 of June, 2010

Journal and Courier

Debate challenge tendered in the 4th


Both major party candidates in the race for the 4th District congressional
seat reiterated plans Tuesday to open an office in Lafayette, if elected.

Democrat David Sanders promised Tuesday that he’d have a congressional
office in Lafayette, and offices in the northern and southern parts of the
4th District.

Republican Todd Rokita has made the same pledge, said spokesman Mike

In a news conference Tuesday in Lafayette, Sanders focused on the need for
more constituency services. He criticized the amount of availability
current U.S. Rep. Steve Buyer has offered to voters and the media.

“There’s going to be a transparency about my activities,” said Sanders, a
Purdue professor. “I am not going to lose contact with constituents.”

Sanders sent a letter this week to Rokita, Indiana’s secretary of state,
asking for debates starting as early as August.

Sullivan said a response has been drafted to Sanders, but not yet sent. It
advises Sanders that Rokita prefers to wait for the organizations that
typically plan debates to invite the candidates.

“There are a lot of independent groups, such as the Farm Bureau and other
service organizations, that put these debates on every year,” Sullivan
said. “They do a good job … and get strong attendance.”

Sanders said he’d like to have a debate with Rokita in every county in the

Buyer, a Monticello Republican, is leaving office at the end of this year,
which set up the current race between Sanders and Rokita, the victor from
the Republican primary.