Sanders, Rokita agree term limits not needed

Journal and Courier

Dorothy Schneider/

At a stop in West Lafayette on Thursday, Secretary of State Todd Rokita also fielded questions about his Republican candidacy in the race for Indiana’s next 4th District congressman.

Asked about how he would differ from current U.S. Rep. Steve Buyer, R-Monticello, Rokita said most notably he would not remain in Washington
for 18 years.”I make no promises about how long I would stay,” Rokita said, but added that the position shouldn’t be seen as a career. “But I also know you’ve got to be there for a little while to get leadership’s attention, if not get into a leadership position yourself.” Democrat David Sanders, a West Lafayette professor at Purdue, said he also does not believe there should be term limits on the congressional seats. “It’s important in the executive branch to have term limits because of the nature of the power that accrues there,” he said. But in terms of congressional seats, Sanders said the best “term limit” is the voice of the electorate. To give voters a better chance to replace their elected officials when desired, however, Sanders said it’s important to do campaign finance reform to limit how much money incumbents take in.