Tea party hosts Democratic candidate

MONTICELLO, Ind. (WLFI) – The White County Tea Party Patriots investigated the platform of the Democratic candidate for Indiana’s fourth district congressional seat.

A Tea Party meeting is not the usual forum for a Democrat, but David Sanders engaged the audience of about 50. As people ate their dinner at the USA Restaurant in Monticello they also chewed on his views. There was applause when he spoke of reducing the number of hospital deaths. Some who attended said Sanders had won their respect, if not their votes. “I was impressed he showed up,” said meeting attendee Dan Hettinger. “It has nothing to do with parties.”

“I don’t think he’s quite as liberal as he thinks he is,” said attendee Anna Kroyman. “He had some good conservative issues.”

The White County Tea Party Patriots said the group is non-partisan and want all candidates to share their platforms so voters can make informed decisions at the polls.

“This is about the issues. This is about traditional values, conservative values, and parties shouldn’t interfere with that,” said Kroyman. “This is the first time any tea party I know of nationwide has hosted a Democrat and it was enlightening for all of us.”

Sanders said while he and the Tea Party may not agree on all the issues, he needs to know tea party members’ stance so he can represent them in Washington.

“On many political issues there are multiple opinions. I have an opinion on them, somebody else is going to disagree: that’s fine,” said Sanders. “The important thing for me is to hear from them.”

Sanders said the conversation will help make him a better representative while Tea Party members said it will allow them to be more informed voters.