Charlie White Accused of Voter Fraud!

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Charlie White accused of voter fraud! – Part two.


Updated: Sep 28, 2010 6:09 PM

State Democratic Chairman Dan Parker wants an official state investigation into the actions of GOP Secretary of State candidate Charlie White.

The current Secretary of State, Todd Rokita, has made voter fraud prevention a priority and Dan Parker thinks he should get to the bottom of it. Parker has already made up his mind. He believes Charlie White committed voter fraud. “You vote in a precinct that you’re not supposed to, it’s a class D felony,” said Parker. “That’s fraud.”

White was registered at his ex-wife’s home when he voted in the May primary even though he lived at a new townhouse on the other side of Fishers. He admits the mistake but denies an effort to deceive.

Parker wants Todd Rokita, also a Republican and the state’s top election official as well as the man who holds the job White is seeking, to get to the bottom of it.

State GOP Chairman Murray Clark defended White, as the White campaign canceled a requested interview and issued a statement that reades “Charlie was entitled under law to vote one last time at his old polling location.” Says Clark, “He satisfied all the criteria to go back his old poll, his precinct, and vote. What wasn’t done was the formality of the affidavit, which in retrospect we wouldn’t be having this discussion if it had been done.”

While Republicans sift through the election law, Parker jumps to a conclusion, “If he does not find fraud in this case, then Todd Rokita is really not interested in finding fraud.” A spokesman for Rokita says the Secretary of State is reviewing the request.

Meantime, Ed Treacy, the Marion County Democratic Chairman, also tried to get in on the act today. He called on Mayor Greg Ballard to cancel a fundraiser he’s hosting for Charlie White.

A spokesman for Ballard says the fundraiser will go on.