David Sanders For Congress!

David Sanders is a candidate for the office of United States Representative
for the 4th Congressional District of Indiana, because he wishes to bring ethics to Washington and jobs to Indiana. This is a campaign that has already been recognized on the national level as one of the critical contests in 2010. It is a battle between David Sanders’ vision of a government that is responsive to the people’s interests and the approach of the other candidate, who is the embodiment of the ambitions of a career politician.

David Sanders understands the frustration that many people feel with government and listens to their concerns. Fiscal responsibility, true public service, protection for Constitutional liberties, and respect for veterans are the cornerstones of his philosophy.

Many of the issues that face us as a society such as affordable health care, climate change, energy choices, environmental challenges, or defense against weapons of mass destruction have a scientific or technological foundation. David Sanders is an accomplished scientist and therefore possesses a first-hand understanding of these issues. He believes in the value of basic and applied research in both solving problems and providing the engine for economic progress.

David Sanders is also an educator and supports education at all levels as both the means for transmission of our cultural values and the basis of our economic future.

The 4th District of Indiana needs a Representative who puts the interests of his constituents before his own interests and who would restore dignity and honesty to the office. David Sanders will be such a Representative. David Sanders will be your Representative in Congress.