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Gold Star Siblings, Becomes Incorporated in the State of Indiana
Gold Star Siblings Indiana Chapter #1 has officially become Incorporated. We are the first, Gold Star Sibling Organization to become Incorporated. We are affiliated with no other Gold Star Organization.

How to Identify a Fraudulent Health and Medical Insurance Company in Indiana
One reason why a fraudulent health and medical insurance company in Indiana finds it easy to deceive consumers is because most people think they already know everything, when in reality they know far less. Reading this guide will only take minutes of your time, but those minutes are enough to save you thousands of dollars from insurance fraud.

"As It Was" DVD Video Series Offers A Powerful Way To Experience The Bible By Reenacting Reality-TV-Style Scenes On Location In Israel
Youth groups, churches, home schooled students and others will be able to experience the Bible in ways never before seen, through the innovative and powerful technique of relating Bible stories from the perspective of those who lived it in the DVD series "As It Was."

Soldier Balances Tour of Duty in Afghanistan while Studying Online at Portland State University
Bryan Bolin does not have a typical job for a student working his way through college. Bolin traded life as a full-time student in Portland State University's (PSU) Criminology and Criminal Justice program for deployment in Afghanistan where he is a first lieutenant in the Oregon National Guard.

Elections go to The Dogs in Toronto! My Dog Votes Launches Dog-Friendly Voter Awareness Survey to Candidates for Mayor and Council in Toronto
My Dog Votes? Teams Up With Local Toronto Dog Groups To Inform Dog Owners and Inspire Voter Participation

Election Integrity Experts Recommend Investigation and Legislation

(PRWeb) January 3, 2007 -- In light of the continuing problem of questionable election outcomes in jurisdictions all over the country, where tens of thousands of votes appear not to have been recorded correctly, these recommendations are crucial to reestablishing trust in U.S. elections. Just five of these recommendations would prevent the wrong candidate being sworn into office as it appears may be happening in Florida's House District 13 election. Due to the untimely release of complete vote count data, investigators are just now turning up statistically improbable vote outcomes and election challenges are still underway. Those five recommendations, with just the briefest of definitions, are:

?††† Manual Audits, enough votes have to be manually hand counted to ensure that the machine counts are not outcome-altering;

?††† Auditable Voting Systems, the system must provide a voter-verified permanent paper copy of the vote that is sturdy enough for handling in recounts and/or storage;

?††† Public Election Records, rapid access to paper and electronic election records, and detailed vote counts in all vote types to ensure that over or under votes in different vote types don't cancel each other out and thereby obscure vote irregularities, before a race is called;

?††† Public Right to Observe, genuine observation, not just presence in the room is vital to the maintenance of fairness and transparency;

?††† Teeth in the Legislation, civil and/or criminal penalties or a reduction of funding for failure to live up to the standards of a fair and open election process, do not swear in until election contests are satisfied.

To read the recommendations with details in full go to

This highly qualified group of election integrity authorities is comprised of attorneys, election law specialists, state election officials, computer scientists, mathematicians, a designer of systems for people with disabilities, and a public administration and election policy expert. The complete list of experts, including their qualifications, is available at

Congressional members and their staffs may go over any or all of their concerns on the recommended legislation with these experts and their associates.

This group of experts feels that enacting these recommendations will help to ensure the integrity of our democracy. They urge you to contact your US Senators and Representatives to encourage them to vote for these recommendations.



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