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The War in Iraq and the War in America
Between the years of 2003 and 2005, 366 police officers have died serving their country in the line of duty. Between 2004 and 2005, there were 37 instances of homicide deaths in schools across our country.

Outskirts Press Announces Half My Heart is in Iraq!, the Latest Highly-Anticipated Biography/ Military Book from Wichita, KS Author David D Bayouth
Outskirts Press, Inc. has published Half My Heart is in Iraq!: Stories of Love for Our Brave by David D Bayouth, which is the author's most recent book to date. The 7.5 x 9.25 Paperback in the Biography/ Military category is available worldwide on book retailer websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble for a suggested retail price of $24.95. The webpage at was launched simultaneously with the book's publication.

A Cheap Holiday in Other Peoples Misery (catching up with Mordechai Vanunu in Israel)
One of my favourite pieces of music is the Sex Pistols' classic 'Holidays in the Sun' - a song that begins with the line, 'a cheap holiday in other people's misery'. This would have made a fitting epitaph for my holiday in Israel, except that the $3000 air ticket meant that it wasn't exactly cheap.

Minister Urges Illinois Senator Barack H. Obama to Seek the U.S. Presidency
Rev. Talbert W. Swan, II, an author, radio talk show host and community activist wrote an open letter to the United States' only African American Senator, Barack Obama, urging him to enter the race for President of the United States.

Israel Berger & Associates, LLC Positioned for Continued Growth
Announces Appointment of Four New Principals and Selection of Financial Partner

Minister Urges Illinois Senator Barack H. Obama to Seek the U.S. Presidency

(PRWeb) December 29, 2006 -- Rev. Talbert W. Swan, II, a community activist from Massachusetts, has urged Senator Barack Obama to run for President of the United States of America. Swan contends that the country is deeply divided and is need of hope and inspiration. The minister compares the inspiration that Senator Obama gives citizens is on par with that given by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy in 1960's.

Swan, a pastor , author and radio talk show host says that Senator Obama is a "bright shining star that has appeared to lead us back to the path of righteousness or at least the path back to sanity." He tells the Senator that his political future is not in the hands of political pundits, political strategist or fund raises. "You are an idea whose time has come," said Swan. The African American clergyman contends that a successful run by Obama will not only change American history but human history.

"I urge you to run for President of the United States of America and not to be concerned with anything or anyone who advises you differently. Your challenge is to remain true to your faith, your values and to motivate, lead and inspire America. When you do this, we all win. Whether or not you win the presidency we win. We are destined to win back: our dignity and respect; the respect of the international community; the meaning of the sacred inscription on the statue of liberty that urges the world to bring America their poor and hungry masses; and the expectations of Americans that they have a right to the truth based on accurate, objective and balanced information," said Swan in his open letter to the Senator.

Swan says that the partisan bickering in Washington has left the country paralyzed to the point that it cannot act in its own best interests. He scolds elected leaders for not taking a strong enough stand on issues such as the Israeli/Palestinian conflict; Cuba; the war in Iraq; and what he calls the "isms." Swan alludes that racism and sexism are alive and well in America, "else there would be no discussion on whether or not our country is ready for a woman or an African American president."

The minister concludes his charge to Obama by describing the Senator's popularity as a phenomenon that is like faith, "the substance of what is hoped for and the evidence of what is unseen." "Phenomena are unseen, we cannot capture it, see it, smell it or understand it, we just accept it. This is your time, the moment for which you were born. You are now in the "eye of the moment," said Swan.



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