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How to Identify a Fraudulent Health and Medical Insurance Company in Indiana
One reason why a fraudulent health and medical insurance company in Indiana finds it easy to deceive consumers is because most people think they already know everything, when in reality they know far less. Reading this guide will only take minutes of your time, but those minutes are enough to save you thousands of dollars from insurance fraud.

Sexy, Romantic Gift, is Sent to United States Air Force Soldier in Iraq for Delivery on Valentine's Day
Thomas, U.S. Air Force soldier currently stationed in Balad, Iraq, far away from his sweet, young wife will open up a sexy surprise this Valentine's Day. Brand new romantic gift, is making its way across the world to cheer up this U.S. soldier sent by his 25 year old wife, Stephanie of Smithfield, Kentucky.

John Buhrle Aims to Honor Iraqi Warriors, Veterans, and Military Medical Personnel with his Book, I.E.D - A Son's Journey to Iraq and Back
John Buhrle describes the events surrounding the injury of his son, a United States Marine, by a suicide car bomber and the amazing response by his son's buddies, the military medical personnel, and the public with the publication of I.E.D - A Son's Journey to Iraq and Back in conjunction with Lulu (, the world's fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.

Israel Berger & Associates, LLC Positioned for Continued Growth
Announces Appointment of Four New Principals and Selection of Financial Partner

Jim Trippon, New Candidate in Hunters Creek Village Election Race, Denounces Alleged Fiscal Mismanagement
Jim Trippon CPA, the newest candidate in the Hunters Creek Village, Texas, election opened his campaign with a denunciation of alleged waste and mismanagement of public works projects by the previous city council.

3 New Free Seo Tools Available From Virante; A Completely Integrated Seo Analysis Tool Will be Released in January 2007

Durham, NC (PRWeb) December 21, 2006 -- Virante, Incorporated, ( a Durham, North Carolina-based Search Engine Optimization and Internet marketing firm, has added 3 more unique, high-value SEO Tools to its rapidly growing selection. The most recent additions are an Industry Inbreeding and Hub Finder, a Theme Keyword Finder tool and an HTML Pie Chart creator.

The Industry Inbreeding and Hub Finder tool determines the level of interlinking between sites already ranking in the top 36 sites for a given keyword. This "industry inbreeding chart" provides useful information including Hub Discovery, Link Islands and Industry Competitiveness. The Theme Keyword Finder tool digs examines the top ranking sites for a given keyword to determine common words and phrases used throughout their text. Finally, the HTML Pie Chart creator allows a user to generate a custom pie chart using their data and creates the actual HTML code necessary to render the chart in any webpage.

These tools, which are highly unique and not available anywhere else, can be of significant value to websites seeking to improve their existing marketing effectiveness.

Our current 14 free Expert SEO tools can be found at Expert SEO tools and Virante will make another new free tool available next week bringing its free SEO tool list to 15.††††

?††† Industry Inbreeding Chart
?††† HTML Pie Chart Creation Tool
?††† Theme Keyword Finder Tool
?††† Theme Distance Tool
?††† Duplicate Content Tool
?††† Banned Sites Tool
?††† Clean IP Tool
?††† Delete Duplicates Tool
?††† Expired Domain Names Tool
?††† IP Address Finder Tool
?††† IP Information Lookup Tool
?††† Reciprocal Linking Tool
?††† Alexa Traffic Tool
?††† Density of Keyword Tool

In January 2007, Virante will release a completely integrated SEO Analysis tool capable of diagnosing:

?††† Basic Website Summary Information
?††† Website Rankings
?††† Website Speed Performance
?††† Website Setup Issues
?††† External Linking Analysis
?††† Internal Linking Analysis
?††† On-page Factors Analysis
?††† Duplicate Content Analysis
?††† Uniqueness Analysis
?††† Keyword Theme Analysis
?††† Web Neighborhood Assessment

This tool is of such high value and will be made available at such a low initial investment price Virante expects it to become an overnight industry standard.

Virante specializes in all aspects of multi-channel web marketing including:

?††† SEO - Search Engine Optimization
?††† SEM - Search Engine Marketing
?††† Paid Search (PPC, CPC, CPA, Paid Inclusion & Shopping Search Feeds)
?††† Website Design & Development
?††† Email Marketing
?††† Affiliate Marketing
?††† Social Media Marketing
?††† Online Reputation Monitoring
?††† Conversion Funnel Analysis
?††† Website Usability & Analytics
?††† Wireframes & Information architecture
?††† Competitive Intelligence
?††† Coordination of online marketing with offline
?††† International eCommerce strategy
?††† International language translation & localization
?††† Content Syndication
?††† Internet Auctions / eCommerce Clearance
?††† Online Catalogs
?††† Local and regional web marketing

For more information about the free expert SEO tools being offered or for information about the Virante or its Web marketing services, please visit or contact Bob Misita at (919) 459-1088, 1-800-650-0820.


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