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Grandpas House & From Iraq with Love [Two Poems]
Grandpa's House [The ole Real House]The house needed painting Sun-blistered and flaking Grandpa started to have us Boys‚€”Mike and I‚€” start Doing some scraping‚€”While he, pealed off the ole Paint, and started painting..

Hispanic Publication Rejects Iraq Recommendations
Major Southwest Hispanic publication offers concrete recommendations on Iraq.

The Options For Regime Change In Iran
If recent speeches by US officials on Iran's plans to become a nuclear power can be seen as part of a build-up to a possible US-evoked regime change in Iran, the intelligence behind it is at once scant and abundant. Whatever the real official US policy toward Iran is aiming for exactly is hard to get clear, but it is noteworthy that off late, US officials have stepped up their campaign of Iran criticism.

Stock Investing ? Midterm Elections Make Drug Companies A Sale
Stock investing is tough enough when you have to deal with the specifics of a company and an industry. When you throw politics into the equation it becomes a whole new ball game. Now stock investing can be a crap shoot at best. Let?s take a look at what?s going on currently, and you decide. First let?s look at a little history.

Soldier Runs for Office from Iraq
John T. Hubert is seeking the office of Texas State Representative while serving in Iraq as a Major in the US Army Reserves. Hubert, whose full-time occupation is chief felony prosecutor for Kleberg and Kenedy counties, left for Iraq just after filing in the Texas House District 43 race.

A New Strategy for the War in Iraq is Critical for the USA and the Rest of the World for Many Years to Come

Orlando, FL (PRWeb) January 9, 2007 -- Admiral Panagiotis Kikareas (ret.) PhD, a well-known crisis management expert, peace advocate and President and CEO of the World Foundation For Peace and Security (, today called the leaders and citizens of the USA to become united and help our President to accomplish his duties which are vital for the future of our Nation and World Stabilization.

President Bush has been on a rally getting the advice of all knowledgeable and responsible departments, agencies, councils, committees, and advisors trying to develop the best strategy, in order to succeed in bringing Peace and Stability primarily to Iraq, and following or simultaneously to the Middle East.

"I am not going to discuss which would be the best plan," Dr. Kikareas said. "I nevertheless must say, that we need to find a way to get out of the loop, and eliminate the feeding sources of terror and insurgency. It is a great mistake and crime to our Nation and the Humanity, not to help our President to come out victorious from the orchestrated forces of darkness. He has so many difficult problems to deal with and we attack him like we are with our enemy's side. We need to understand that if we don't eliminate these threats by any means, if we withdraw and lose, then they will come after us as they have declared so many times."

Dr. Kikareas continued, "I wish and pray that our Commander in Chief, his Staff and our Congress and National Committees, take the right decisive actions after a thorough examination of the alternatives. We should keep in mind that as long as we don't win, time is working against us. It is our duty to support with all our heart, our Commander in Chief to complete his duties and not to fight and attack him. Let's walk together this difficult way leading to Victory; this is our duty to our children, and the World. Only then a best way for world stabilization and Peace might be achieved."

About The World Foundation for Peace & Security
The World Foundation for Peace & Security is a branch of Hellenic Aspis & Associates Inc. ( The scope and mission of Hellenic Aspis & Associates Inc. was set forth by President Admiral Panagiotis Kikareas H.N. (ret.) PhD. His strong will to serve world security and peace led him to create the World Foundation for Peace and Security; a non-profit organization that aims to assist countries in finding the best ways to build a safe, creative and prosperous environment for entire mankind to live in.



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