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Texans March for Peace on Fourth Anniversary of Invasion of Iraq
As part of a national effort on the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, Texans from all walks of life will join the Million Musician March for Peace, this Saturday, March 17th, in a regional event which begins at noon, at the State Capitol.

Recent Online Study Finds that a Potential Al Gore Candidacy for President Benefits Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton stands to benefit if Al Gore runs for president.

Shamoon College of Engineering in Israel Opens American Office -- College Helps Fill Engineering Shortage in South Israel
Sami Shamoon College of Engineering in south Israel plans for 130% student body increase by 2012. The majority of the students are from south Israel's under-served brain trust. Shamoon plays a unique role in the development of Israel by recruiting and training engineering students, and then motivating them to stay in south Israel after graduation to fill the engineering shortage. This helps spur the region's economic growth.

Author says America and Her Allies Should Learn from the Past as More Soldiers are Kidnapped in Iraq
Mark Kozak-Holland, author of the popular Lessons from History series of books, says that there are important lessons to be learned from the lives of Allied prisoners of war (POWs) from the Second World War; especially, their state of mind, spirit, and resilience. In "The Great Escape" episode, Allied POWs escaped from a seemingly escape-proof prison camp by using their ingenuity, maintaining their morale, and never losing hope -- a message of hope and encouragement for our soldiers and support workers who are kidnapped from time to time in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

Indiana Songwriter Writes Song About Chely Wright
Songwriter loves to write songs, say friends and family.

"As It Was" DVD Video Series Offers A Powerful Way To Experience The Bible By Reenacting Reality-TV-Style Scenes On Location In Israel

San Francisco, CA (PRWeb) January 6, 2007 -- Youth groups, churches, home schooled students and others will be able to experience the Bible in ways never before seen. This is made possible thanks to an innovative and powerful technique of relating Bible stories from the perspective of those who lived it in the DVD series "As It Was," offered by ZRG Productions, Inc. a film production company with offices in San Francisco, California and Tel Aviv, Israel.

"The 'As It Was' series uses Israeli actors playing the parts of their ancestors to weave the elements of each story into a powerful dialogue that captivates the audience and leaves them wanting more," says Dana Simons, ZRG Director of Church and Ministry Programs. "Rather than a dramatization, like other Bible movies, we found that a documentary style was much more effective for engaging younger viewers because it mirrors the 'real life' TV style they are accustomed to watching."

"As It Was" employs a riveting eyewitness interview technique of filming and acting to relate Bible stories in an accurate, passionate and intriguing method that entertains, educates and inspires further study of the Old Testament. ZRG Productions' initial product release includes four DVDs in a Faith and Failure series that are approximately 30 minutes in length and cover the stories of Samson, Elijah, Ruth and Jephthah. Each episode is offered in Hebrew, with options for subtitles in English or Spanish or in English and Spanish dubbed versions. A free downloadable study guide is included with each episode to assist in making the DVD series a valuable tool for schools and small groups. In addition, ZRG is developing a curriculum that can be used by church groups or home school educators to teach the Bible.

"We have become such a video-oriented and interactive on demand society. Imagine how the Bible comes alive by filming its stories on the very locations where they occurred and by using actors that can relate to today's audiences," says Simons. "This is really the next best thing to experiencing it first hand."

ZRG Productions plans to release an additional 4-6 DVDs every six months with a total of 32 planned. The next set scheduled to be released is "The Patriarchs", which will include episodes on Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph and will be available in spring of 2007. For more information on the "As It Was" series and to view a sample video, go to or call 1-866-89-BIBLE.

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