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Reality 'Show' About Aliyah (Immigrating) to Israel Published as Book, MOVING UP: An Aliyah Journal, Published by Mazo Publishers, Israel-US
"MOVING UP: An Aliyah Journal" (, a first-of-its-kind book, highlights the good, the not-so-good and the crazy about making Aliyah to Israel. The story begins when Laura Ben-David, followed by reporters, photojournalists and TV newscasters, with their cameras rolling, packed up her bags, her family and her life to board the first Nefesh B'Nefesh plane and embark on her new life in Israel.

Human Rights Group: Israel Police Top Cop Quits After Commission's Verdict
Committee For The Defense of Human Rights: Israel's police commander resigned after a government commission said he ignored ties between senior officers and underworld figures.

Iranian Scholar and Expatriate Supports Total Removal of Theology State in Iran in New Book
Romanticism and Revivalism of Pure Divine Motherland of Iran is based on a visionary's personal experience with political corruption

2nd Annual Musical Family Tree Festival October 20-21st in Indianapolis, Indiana--Two-day Event to Feature the Best in Midwestern Music
This year the festival will feature up and coming bands who transcend traditional genres in favor of developing a unique sound and identity in music. The showcases will span the musical paradigm fusing different parts rock, pop, country, soul, and a compelling sort of quiet approach virtually invisible to mainstream music. Musical Family Tree is proud to have a role in establishing new forms of music and to bring them into the mainstream.

High School Sports Magazine Launches at Indiana Boys Basketball State Finals
Phil and Jennifer Temple, franchise owners of High School Sports - The Magazine Central Indiana, launch their new magazine in time for tip-off at the IHSAA Boys State Basketball Finals.

Israeli Border Guard Volunteers Open "Lone Soldier House" in Preparation for Upcoming War

Jerusalem, Israel (PRWeb) January 15, 2007 -- The American & Israeli registered non-profit organization "Guardians of Jerusalem" signed the contract for the house in December of 2006 and is set to open its doors in February 2007. The organization is run entirely by American/Israeli volunteer Border Guard soldiers in Jerusalem Israel.

The Lone Soldier House is a new undertaking for organization, which was originally established for the purpose of raising funds for equipment for volunteer Border Guard soldiers in Jerusalem.

"Because we are also in the Border Guard units that we fund, we see & experience first hand the dangers and stresses that the soldiers face every day" says Jamie Ben David, Guardians of Jerusalem director and volunteer Border Guard soldier. He adds "When we came back from the war in Lebanon we returned to our families and we saw that the Lone Soldiers (soldiers without any family in Israel) had nowhere to go. They had no home to go to in which to unwind after the war. It was a really difficult situation".

Following a recent tour of the Golan Heights with San Francisco Chronicle reporter Matthew Kalman, Ben David comments " After our return from the Golan in November it was clear that we headed for another war. We realized that we needed to quickly put together a project that would help Lone Soldiers returning from combat zones before, during and after the war".

"We believe the Lone Soldier House will make a substantial impact in the lives of these young soldiers" says Chaim Tannon founding member of the organization & Border Guard volunteer "The Lone Soldier House will contain a mini movie theatre, free computer internet & e-mail access, global VOIP phones for calling family members all over the world, sleeping quarters, Video games, Table games, free meals and a number of other amenities."

The Lone Soldier House is also serving as a launch pad for their third project in which the organization has plans to fund the living expenses for newly released Lone Soldiers while they are attending college after military service.

Funds for the Lone Soldier House have slowly begun to come in from supporters of Israel in the US. The organization is funding the project through a "Sponsor a soldier" format in which donors can choose to sponsor one or multiple soldiers for participation in the Lone Soldier House.

For additional information on the Guardians of Jerusalem non-profit organization or the Israeli volunteer Border Guard contact Jamie Ben David or visit



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