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NewsLaugh Presents Satirical Fiction, Free; December's Feature: "The Alamo In Iraq - Bush Vows To Fight To The Last Iraqi"
While the consensus in America has come down decidedly on leaving Iraqi to the Iraqis, George Bush seems to inhabit an Alamo of the mind. There he is, an unlikely Davy Crockett, along with Dick Cheney, as an even more unlikely Jim Bowie, holding out against all odds and vowing to fight to the last Iraqi.

Upcoming Palestinian Elections Might Put Extremists In Power
The Palestinian Fatah Movement is doing whatever it can to brush up its image in the run up to this Summer's parliamentary elections, including the appointment of young blood into the ranks. The outcome of the elections is going to be of crucial importance for the chances of peace with Israel as well as the country's division of power.

Deloitte Chooses ClearForest Among Fastest Growing Technology Companies on the 2006 Technology Fast 50 Israel and the Fast 500 EMEA
ClearForest, the world leader in business solutions enabled by text analytics, today announced that it has been ranked 27th on the Israel Technology Fast 50, a ranking of the fifty fastest growing technology companies in Israel. In addition, 314 on the 2006 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA, a similar ranking for Europe, Middle East and Africa. The Deloitte Fast 50 Israel and the Fast 500 EMEA are the most comprehensive and respected ranking of their region's fastest-growing technology companies.

Suicide Rate Rises Among Iraq Vets -- Author Claims There is Only One Basic Cause of Suicide
In her novel about suicide, "For the Sake of All Others," Evelyn Cole explores through her main character several possible reasons for the suicide of a popular high school student.

Indiana Songwriter Writes Song About Chely Wright
Songwriter loves to write songs, say friends and family.

StoneEagle Announces United States Warranty Corp's Selection of SEcureCard to Automate and Simplify their Claims Payment Process

Dallas, TX (PRWeb) January 23, 2007 -- The StoneEagle Group (StoneEagle) today announced that United States Warranty Corp. (USWC), a leading provider of risk management and fee income products to lenders and auto dealers, has selected SEcureCard. StoneEagle developed the SEcureCard to provide vehicle service contract administrators a streamlined approach for handling claim payments.

From the inception of vehicle service contract products claim payments have been a challenge when paid via credit card. Administrators spend significant time reconciling credit card charges back to individual claims within their administration systems and tracking adjustments that were made at the dealership prior to actually charging the claim payment. These over/under amounts often result in major losses. If an administration company allows up to only a $5 variance between claim approval and the actual amount charged to the card, significant claim dollars are spent without approval. There are also instances where credit cards are used for additional and often fraudulent charges by repair facility personnel.

"SEcureCard enables our back office to operate more efficiently. We no longer worry about fraudulent overcharge attempts and undercharges by repair facilities because the payment process is completely automated and allows us to be much more pro-active. USWC is very pleased with this innovative program from StoneEagle and we consider the SEcureCard a valuable solution for our business," said Mark Macek, Executive Vice President of USWC.

"SEcureCard is a patent-pending application that provides a cost effective way for vehicle service contract administrators to virtually eliminate overcharges and fraud associated with paying claims," said Bobby Allen, president of StoneEagle. "By implementing this program, USWC will substantially reduce their costs involved with processing checks and the time and labor necessary to track credit card issues. Like other Service Contract Administrators utilizing SEcureCard, USWC will be able to accelerate service to their client base and simplify their entire claims payment process."

About The StoneEagle Group
StoneEagle has provided software tools and enterprise administration systems tailored for the insurance and automotive industry for over thirty years. StoneEagle leverages the latest technology to create safe, secure connection points between Insurance Administrators and their Automobile Dealer, Bank and Credit Union clients. The result is a multi-functional suite of applications that are an ideal solution for administrators seeking total enterprise integration. Currently, SEcureSystems support over 62 Credit Life Insurance companies and 24 Service Contract Administrators internationally. For additional information please contact Jason Gillette at 800-854-1567 or visit

About United States Warranty Corp.
United States Warranty Corp. (USWC), , based in Pompano Beach, Florida, offers a package of F&I products and training that is designed to maximize sales penetration and profitability through long-term, stable business structures. Its flagship program, The Dealer Owned Warranty Co. (DOWC) offers a package of profit, control and tax advantages. USWC has established a solid reputation in the marketplace and has been providing these products to auto dealers since 1975. For additional information please visit



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