cites that the majority of Americans (66 percent) think the United States is on the wrong track, though a shift of power in Congress is inspiring some hope for change.">

Sanders for Congress - Keep Hope Alive!

Leatherneck Publishing's Iraq and Vietnam Conflict Books Honored by the San Diego Library
"Street Fight in Iraq" is one of the most compelling chronicles of the Iraqi conflict and is a best seller in Marine Corps Association bookstores. The language is harsh, the writing brutally honest and the message clear. It's down and dirty and Marines love this book. "An Angel Rode My Wing" has all the elements of any great action novel -- from being shot down over North Vietnam and miraculously surviving, similar to a James Bond adventure, to mysterious and mystical occurrences in life.

Human Rights Group: Israel Police Top Cop Quits After Commission's Verdict
Committee For The Defense of Human Rights: Israel's police commander resigned after a government commission said he ignored ties between senior officers and underworld figures.

Israel Justice Minister Pledges Israel's Support for International Rights and Redress Campaign for Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries
Israel Justice Minister pledges support to over 40 Jewish leaders from 10 countries seeking to secure rights for nearly one million Jews displaced from Arab countries.

Israel Beyond the News; Israeli Consulate in New York City Initiates
Everything you want to know about Israel: The country and its people.

Operation Iraqi Freedom, Soldiers and Their Psyche
Have you noticed that the when the service men who have been killed in action in this war, that the journalists go harass the families and girlfriends or wives of the fallen soldiers? During these interviews I could not help but notice that the infantry warriors killed had girlfriends or wives who were full figured ethnic woman or young ladies. The inner city kind with the tough attitude; Why is this? I have several ideas why.

AP/AOL News Poll: Majority of Americans Say the Country is on the Wrong Track -- 67 Percent of Respondents Oppose Sending Troops to Iraq; 63

As survey takers rated the issues that they most care about, the situation in Iraq, health care and the economy topped the list, with Iraq proving to be the most important, earning 24 percent of the vote. Sixty-seven percent of Americans oppose President Bush's recent move to increase American troops in Iraq, and 63 percent do not believe the troop increase will help stabilize the situation.

In fact, Americans say they are not satisfied with either political party's approach to the situation in Iraq. Although half of survey participants think the Democrats would do a better job of handling the situation in Iraq than would Republicans, only 34 percent think the Democrats have a plan on how to do so. On the other hand, more than half (52 percent) believe the Bush administration does have a plan, but 65 percent disapprove of Bush's handling of the situation.

When asked whether President Bush and Democrats in Congress can work together to solve the country's problems, 60 percent are now doubtful, compared to the 47 percent who, in a poll conducted right after the mid-term elections, originally expressed confidence in their ability to work collaboratively. However, 42 percent of most recent survey participants think the country will be better off now that the Democrats have assumed control of Congress.

Comparative data from previous polls indicates that congressional job approval is slowly trending upwards, with Congress approval ratings increasing from 25 percent prior to November 2006 elections to a current 34 percent. More notably, surveyed Americans give first madam House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a 51 percent job approval rating.

President Bush earns a low 36 percent job approval rating, up slightly from 32 percent last week but down from his 40 percent rating this time last year. Despite his low approval rating, 53 percent of Americans say Bush is likeable, 58 percent say he is decisive and 59 percent say he is strong. However, less than half (44 percent) think Bush is honest and only 49 percent think he is ethical.


The AP-AOL poll of 1,005 adults was conducted by telephone January 16-18, 2007 by Ipsos, an international public opinion research company. The margin of sampling error is plus or minus 3.1 percentage points for all adults.

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