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The Aerospace Components Manufacturers Association of Connecticut (ACM) Has Announced the Election of Kirk Smallidge to its Board of Directors
Kirk Smallidge, Product Manager at Aerodyne Alloys, was elected to the Board of Directors of the Aerospace Components Manufacturers Association of Connecticut (ACM). Mr. Smallidge will be an active participant on all four ACM Teams: Business Development, Workforce Development, Purchasing Group and LEAN Production.

Buying Homeowners Insurance In Indiana
Did you know that according to the Indiana Department of Insurance (IDI), the insurance industry is one of Indiana's largest employers. That being said, that means there are many insurance options for homeowners in Indiana. Because the insurance industry is so large, there must be tough regulation to ensure the protection of the consumer.

Sexy, Romantic Gift, is Sent to United States Air Force Soldier in Iraq for Delivery on Valentine's Day
Thomas, U.S. Air Force soldier currently stationed in Balad, Iraq, far away from his sweet, young wife will open up a sexy surprise this Valentine's Day. Brand new romantic gift, is making its way across the world to cheer up this U.S. soldier sent by his 25 year old wife, Stephanie of Smithfield, Kentucky.

Iraq War Meets Vietnam War at Book-Signing
Book-signing at Lyon Books in Chico features two authors: Penny Rock, a nurse in the Vietnam War, and Phil Dynan, a US Army Vet. Both have books dealing with the experience of war.

Blue Ridge Technology Secures Iraq Command and Control Network; Iraq Ministry of Interior Assumes Control Of World's Largest Secure VoIP Network
Blue Ridge Networks today announced the success of its high-assurance devices in building strong authentication and encryption into the world's largest secure VoIP network -- the satellite-based Iraq Command and Control Network (IC2N), recently transferred from US-based developers to the Iraq Ministry of the Interior.

Robert E Cook Honors College at Indiana University of Pennsylvania Prepares for 13th Annual Summer Honors Program for High School Students

(PRWeb) January 23, 2007 -- Plans are well underway for the 2007 Summer Honors Program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Entering its thirteenth year, the Summer Honors Program will bring over two-hundred high-achieving high school students from around the country to the IUP campus for a two-week college experience in July. It is an excellent opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to spend two weeks as a college student.

The Summer Honors Program is a focused academic experience with students engaging outstanding IUP faculty in over thirty hours of small-class instruction. SHP faculty are all actively engaged in their field of study--faculty teaching this summer include a former member of the Seattle Opera, a historian engaged in an underwater archeological dig off the coast of Cypress and a forensic pathologist, to name a few.

Course offerings this summer will again represent the multitude of disciplines offered at IUP. Planned courses include: investment management training, environmental ecology through applied physics, genetic engineering and a performance-based clinic for double-reed players that will include master's classes. Other class offerings include an FBI sponsored forensics course, a comparative analysis of film and literature and a fine arts studio focusing on performing arts of voice, dance and visual arts.

Students will live in Whitmyre Hall, home to the Robert E. Cook Honors College. During their stay at IUP, members of the Summer Honors Program will dine in Foster Dining Hall and participate in the campus activities available to IUP students. Access to the campus recreational facilities, fitness center, pools, tennis courts and hiking trails will also be enjoyed.

Head Counselor Mara Iverson will be returning to coordinate the Summer Honors Program again this July. Mara spent three summers as a student in SHP before enrolling at IUP. She returned to the Summer Honors Program last summer to serve as Head Counselor, a role she will continue this year.

IUP is proud to announce that the Summer Honors Program cost will not increase. The program cost of $750 includes all expenses for the two week program: housing, dining and thirty hours of university-level instruction with faculty. Limited scholarship assistance is available for both merit and need based applications. Additional information is available at
The 2007 Summer Honors Program is scheduled for July 15 - 28, 2007.

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