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Hollywood Worries Anti-Americanism, Iraq War Backlash will Impact Golden Globes, Oscars
Golden Globes Awards spin Anti-American angle, industry leaders tell entertainment newsmagazine Hollywood Today. They worry the Iraq war backlash may also affect Oscars.

Hillary Clinton's Presidential Bid, Heather Schmid International Recording Artist Creates Song and Video Dedication
Pop/Rock Artist Heather Schmid just released 'Hillary's In' an original pop song dedicated to Hillary Clinton's Presidential Bid. Heather is currently on tour with her charity based concept album 'The Goddess Within' with all performances benefiting a local charity.

Why Do US Media Ignore Secret UK Government Memo On A Mega Iraq War Conspiracy?
The blogosphere has been jumping around the story like crazy but it seems the mainstream media are doing their best to ignore it. Yet it's been branded the most extensive case of governing-level conspiracy plotting in ages.

Russia and Her Allies Will Attack Israel
This next event will be a major one! The Bible says that in the latter days, Russia and what appears to be Iran, Libya, Turkey and possibly Sudan will descend upon Israel and try to destroy her.Israel will have no chance to win against this large army that will attempt to come against her.

Senator Barack Obama presents the Wings of Hope Medal to Board President of the American Brain Tumor Association
John was honored to be given this prestigious award by Senator Barack Obama, who has two children of his own and was touched by John's volunteer efforts on behalf of children with brain tumors. This event was held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Chicago.

Multi-Selection Of A Vacuum Cleaner Cover

Say it basic need, or state of the art decoration inside the home, but the presence of some form seemingly of your favorite doll stationed static in one side of your room would make one feel as if there?s somebody in front or just beside you. It is a vulnerable feeling that can?t be denied, much more if you bump near it in your hasty wake from your room after a night?s sleep.

Vacuum cleaners positioned on a vertical angle almost reach up to human height of a grown-up child, and undeniably would be mistaken for a person in that state while covered with a semblance of a beautifully dressed doll.

The facts that vacuum cleaners are almost a part of one?s household being a basic cleaning necessity, one may be obliged to create any design something to cover it either for the purpose of protecting it against the elements, or to neutralize its being present as an appliance inside the house. Like any other electrical unit, it needs to be protected against dust; or otherwise, the same cover-protection turns to appear as decorative accent to the entire ambiance of a place.

Also, if you are tired of maintaining a place for your vacuum cleaner, hiding it somewhere so as not to block traffic passages, much more if your residence is not large enough to allow many things inside, you have a second thought of converting it to a better and more artistic area, with the good idea to think of covering your vacuum cleaner instead of setting it aside.

Select from an array of several designs from your favorite dolls, Disney characters loved by children, favorite pets, fairy tale book-characters, and many others that may catch up your imagination. Designs should go with colors, may balance and compliment to the fabrics, and natural make of the furniture around.

Designs May be Couture-Handmade with Countryside Effects. Choose from:

1. Barnyard Rooster design Vacuum Cleaner Cover ? it comes in two variant colors with ruffled apron. Cone is done in country red with matching gait, and 54 inches tall. Cost $15 to $55.

2. Frannie Frog ? 54 inches tall. $15 to $55.

3. Sunflower Country Girl ? 54 inches tall. A hand-embroidered face, with the cutest smile. Bonnet (ruffled) with apron. Prints at your option. Priced at $15 to $55 depending on the kind of cloth.

4. GingerBread (Jinny) ? 54 inches tall could surely charm collectors of GingerBread. Price: $15 to $55.

Certainly, the emergence of the vacuum cleaner covers does not necessarily ensue as a basic necessity but it comes up in form of fashion, uplifting anyone?s sensibility in updating to what?s in vogue of the time.

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