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Sportsbooks Add Elections - To Sports Betting Lines Menus
It was just hours after George W. Bush had been re-elected President of the United States in 2004 that sportsbooks began posting betting lines on who would win a four-year lease on the Oval Office in 2008.

Mayo Trained Surgeon Chooses Northern Indiana Practice Over Larger Markets
Mack H. Sullivan, Jr., M.D., has been named the third plastic surgeon for The Centre, P.C., Comprehensive Plastic Surgery Practice located in Elkhart, Indiana. Alongside distinguished plastic surgeons Ronald K. Downs, M.D., F.A.C.S., and Patrick J. Viscardi, M.D., Sullivan will accentuate The Centre?s ability to offer the latest in advanced cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures to patients across Northern Indiana and the Midwest.

Independent Film 'Almost Broken' Dogs Governor Schwarzenegger and Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi as the November Elections Approach
An independent film maker in Los Angeles has not pulled any punches when it comes to exposing fraud and corruption in the workers compensation system.

Robert E Cook Honors College at Indiana University of Pennsylvania Prepares for 13th Annual Summer Honors Program for High School Students
Plans are well underway for the 2007 Summer Honors Program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Entering its thirteenth year, the Summer Honors Program will bring over two-hundred high-achieving high school students from around the country to the IUP campus for a two-week college experience in July. It is an excellent opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to spend two weeks as a college student.

CRG Reaches out to Troops in Iraq
Contracting Resources Group sponsors care packages for soldiers.

Another Stretch in Iraq Song Strikes A Chord with US Soldiers

Auckland, New Zealand (PRWeb) January 31, 2007 -- Cappel said that he did a lot of research for the song over a period of 3 months as he wanted the song to be authentic and respectful. From his home in Auckland, New Zealand, he said, "I communicated with a military personnel serving or about to serve in Iraq and also read several recent books, loads of articles and milblogs ( personal military blogs). A major concern for soldiers serving overseas for long stretches is keeping relationships intact and I understand Dear John letters are just as common today as they have ever been. Coincidentally the day I finished the song there was a story at about a 19 year old woman who went back to Iraq for another stretch after her relationship broke up, exactly the story the song is telling"

"The web is full of stories about relationship problems being a major cause of stress, and in some cases suicide, for soldiers already under enormous pressure and through my music I am trying to help people. Music is a universal language and a way that I can help people by empathizing with them and making others aware of how important their relationships are. I wanted to dedicate a song to those who are serving in Iraq to help make the world a safer place. One of the great things about being a songwriter is you can tell a story that needs to be told and maybe touch some people who can do with a hand."

The song has been posted and promoted on a number of websites including MySpace, Music Forte and the Podsafe Music Network used by podcasters all over the world looking for music that has been approved for use on podcasts.

The chorus of the song is as follows:

"I might as well sign up for another stretch
There's nothing left to keep me here aint life a bitch?
At least in the army I know where I stand
Serving my country in a foreign land."

About Luigi Cappel

Luigi Cappel is a singer songwriter based in Auckland, New Zealand. Songs and music written and performed by Cappel can be heard on many websites around the world and are available for purchase and download from Music Forte.

Another Stretch In Iraq can be heard at his website at Cappel has several songs on this website and features highly in the rankings of popular songwriters. He has songs in the top 5 on the Music Forte Top 20 Country and Top 20 Folk Charts.

Cappel is also currently coming 20th in the Music Forte Idol US$500,000 competition and is the only New Zealander on the leader board.

Cappel also has a podcast called A Kiwi Songwriter which can be heard or downloaded as an MP3 from



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