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Election Integrity Experts Recommend Investigation and Legislation
The question of ensuring an accurate, transparent count of the people's vote has been at the forefront of concerns of many individuals and groups, both private and governmental. how to guarantee that the actual will of the people is carried out. This week the U.S. Senate and House will be meeting and voting on recommendations to improve the voting system. Several of the nation's foremost election integrity experts have spent the last several months grappling with some of these issues and have come up with 14 recommendations for federal legislation to ensure the integrity of our democracy.

America: Leave Iraq! We Will Never Change Iraqi People
Biblical References To This Conflict And To Other American Interventions Show God's Displeasure.We in America think that we are superior to other peoples of the world, from both a governmental and a religious standpoint.

During the election we heard about Ohio's Economy
Much of what we heard in the mass media about Ohio and the down and out economy was the fiction of spin-doctors of politics who wanted to oust the current sitting President. On further review and first hand observation and experience Cincinnati has people moving in and economic expansion.

Music Artist and Runner-Up for Miss World - Nazanin - Presents Riveting Documentary Outlining Heroic Efforts to Save Life of Iranian Woman Who Shares
Bodog Music artist and former Miss Canada Nazanin hosts a documentary to save the life of an 18 year old girl of the same name. It will be shown on Bodog.TV.

How to Identify a Fraudulent Health and Medical Insurance Company in Indiana
One reason why a fraudulent health and medical insurance company in Indiana finds it easy to deceive consumers is because most people think they already know everything, when in reality they know far less. Reading this guide will only take minutes of your time, but those minutes are enough to save you thousands of dollars from insurance fraud.

Just In Time For Black History Month, Brings African American T-shirt Manufacturers Together to Create The Largest Selection of Black

Detroit, MI (PRWeb) February 1, 2007 -- ( announced that they have not only grown their inventory of available T-shirts to it's largest point in company history, the company also boasts that it's selection of T-shirts, specifically and solely dedicated to Black culture, is the largest of it's kind to be found anywhere. "I don't believe anyone will find a larger selection of T-shirts dedicated to Black History and the Black experience anywhere else. This could only be achieved through mutual cooperation with fellow T-shirt vendors and manufacturers," says Stephen Harvey, the company's creator. "Most Black t-shirt vendors operate in a vacuum of sorts; they only cater to the communities within their immediate reach. Coming together and providing our designs to the public via the Internet eliminates this vacuum."

The company began selling its own original designs in Detroit, Michigan in 1994. "I started with about a half dozen messages and designs back then," says Harvey. Now the company carries over 200+ unique designs supplied by various African American T-shirt manufacturers from around the country.

"What's most important is that people from all over the world, specifically people who otherwise would never have been able to find Black T-shirts, now has easy access to them because of our website," he said. "Many of my customers have commented that they have searched for black culture T-shirts for years, but could never find them - until now. I've shipped T-shirts to customers in all 50 states. I also have regular customers in Canada, Great Britain and France, and I most recently shipped T-shirts to customers living in Japan and Spain." sells everything from Malcolm X and Assata Shakur, to Richard Pryor and Marvin Gaye T-shirts, and a wealth of original designs not found elsewhere. Although the site carries over 200 designs dedicated to Black culture, Harvey hopes to double that number within the next year or two.

The site also offers:

-††† A Blog where customers can read articles and leave feedback about the site
-††† An opt-in mailing list which distributes a newsletter that informs visitors of new T-shirts and other developments
-††† A safe, secure, and industry compliant shopping environment which is critically important in today's world where identity theft is a major concern

"Although fashion and fads come and go, either by nature or by design, Black T-shirts have always been in demand. There's simply no such thing as an out of style Frederick Douglass, Tuskegee Airmen, or Bob Marley T-shirt. This is our history, not some trend," said Harvey.

Harvey further explains: "Black History Month means more than just recognition of the contributions of Black people throughout history. It is an exercise in Black identity, and thus serves as a source of strength. Clothing may go in and out of style, but Black people don't. That's why Black T-shirts have remained popular; they represent the people, not just some fashion or fad."

Urban Profile T-shirts is an internet based distributor of African American T-shirts, and is located in Detroit, Michigan. In business since 1994 and online since 2003, the company provides its customers with a large selection of T-shirts dedicated to Black culture. The company's strength rests with its alliance with fellow Black T-shirt designers and manufacturers. This alliance provides Urban Profile's customers with a unique one stop shopping experience. More information can be found at



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