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Working In Iraq: Is It For You?
The US Army Corp of Engineers and numerous private companies are still looking for people to help rebuild Iraq's infrastructure. In fact, one Web site reports that there are currently 60,000 jobs available in Iraq for US citizens.

Russia and Her Allies Will Attack Israel
This next event will be a major one! The Bible says that in the latter days, Russia and what appears to be Iran, Libya, Turkey and possibly Sudan will descend upon Israel and try to destroy her.Israel will have no chance to win against this large army that will attempt to come against her.

The Options For Regime Change In Iran
If recent speeches by US officials on Iran's plans to become a nuclear power can be seen as part of a build-up to a possible US-evoked regime change in Iran, the intelligence behind it is at once scant and abundant. Whatever the real official US policy toward Iran is aiming for exactly is hard to get clear, but it is noteworthy that off late, US officials have stepped up their campaign of Iran criticism.

A Brief Look at Afghanistan
Afghanistan is a country located in Central Asia. Afghanistan is often considered to be part of the Middle East due to its location on the Iranian plateau.

In Rural Indiana County, Economic Development is More Than Bringing in New Factories
Economic development in rural areas means three things: attracting new businesses, retaining existing employers and home-growing entrepreneurial enterprises that will provide good jobs and contribute to the local economy. A northeast Indiana economic development group will discuss how it accomplishes these three goals at a Feb. 22 forum in Huntington, Indiana.

New National Rivet Web Site Simplifies Rivet, Machinery and Tooling Selection

Waupun, WI (PRWeb) February 14, 2007 -- National Rivet & Manufacturing Company, a leading designer and manufacturer of fastening solutions, has launched its completely redesigned Web site rivets, as well as National Rivet?s line of rivet setting machines, custom engineered machines and tooling and accessories.

National Rivet?s integrated design, manufacturing and customer service capabilities lead the fastening industry. The company offers increased value, form and function to its customers looking for the finest cold headed rivets, rivet setters and fasteners available.

Design a Rivet
The new Web site includes an interactive ?Design a Rivet? page where visitors can design a rivet based on their specifications. The page prompts users to input the rivet dimensions, quantity, material type and required finish. Once the company receives the information, an integrated design, manufacturing and customer service team will recommend an optimized fastening solution. Compared to standardized fasteners, a customized fastener offers a higher level of performance and greater dependability, which in turn increases overall productivity.

Ask an Expert, Get a Quote
To answer inquiries about rivets, fasteners or related machinery and tooling, National Rivet?s Web site also includes an ?Ask an Expert? section. Site visitors can also use the ?Request a Quote? page to request a price point for a standard or customized fastener. This page gives visitors the option of uploading additional engineering and specification support files.

National Rivet serves a broad cross section of industry, including aerospace applications, precision electronics, appliances, automotive furniture, consumer products and recreational vehicles. For more information, visit, call 888-324-5511, Fax 920.324.3388, or write to National Rivet & Manufacturing Company, 21 East Jefferson Street, Waupun, Wis. 53963.

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