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Checks for Summer ‚€“ Memories and Patriotism
Personal checks are just one of the ways to extend your beliefs and ideals to the many people who will receive your checks. Following the themes and landscapes of the seasons, making check choices is better than ever.

Daniel Sullivan's, Texas Indiana II, Delivers a Compelling Story of Growth and Survival
The novel, Texas Indiana II, is the second story developed from the author's first book, Ripples in the Wind. The plot continues to chronicle the struggles and challenges facing a wealthy Indiana family.

A New Strategy for the War in Iraq is Critical for the USA and the Rest of the World for Many Years to Come
With our country at a very critical point for a new strategy on the war in Iraq and on the war against terror, Dr. P. Kikareas, President and CEO of the World Foundation For Peace & Security, a division of Hellenic Aspis & Associates, Inc., presents some of his thoughts as an expert on crisis management issues.

Tiered Election Audits: New Report Issued by National Election Data Archive
A recent report released by the National Election Data Archive (NEDA) entitled "Tiered Election Audits" suggests a tiered tabulation system for election audits may be the solution to ensuring the integrity of election outcomes.

As Real Estate Market Slows Down, Indiana Brokerage Offers Alternative to 6% Commissions
With real estate transitioning to a buyer?s market, property owners are seeking out new ways to reduce the cost of selling their homes. With its flat fee MLS listing service, Mentor Listing Realty now allows Indiana property sellers to dramatically reduce the cost of selling a home.

China, Iran Plot World Dominance in New Novel Dragons in the Surf

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) February 10, 2007 -- Dragons in the Surf, a frighteningly vivid action packed novel on a potential confrontation between China and Iran and Australia and its Allies. This look at power shifts in the Asia Pacific Region, with links to the powder keg in the Middle East will keep readers riveted.

In 1996, when unpublished author Michael D Squires wrote a novel about terrorists crashing commercial aircraft into military facilities and public buildings, most pundits, agents and publishing houses viewed his work as far-fetched commercialism.

"Michael did his research, and found weaknesses in our way of life that terrorists could exploit against the free societies of the world," explained a literary critic who read the final draft of the book.

The players on the world stage are now mimicking his predictions. Power is shifting and Australia's immense land mass and potential as a strategic food and mineral provider is increasingly evident. What will the future hold?

In Dragons in the Surf, Michael's ability to look over the horizon to fields of conflict as yet unimagined, provides a window through which to view these scenarios. His accurate portrayal of action and those involved in these momentous events makes interesting and disturbing reading.

Take a look through the lens of a future conflict between the aspirations of a power and resources hungry giant with ancient culture and tenacious people living in one of the most ancient landscapes in the world and the world military powers they face. A great read. A book you won't want to put down from its action packed beginning to its mind jolting conclusion.

Now in conjunction with Lulu (, the world's fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books, Dragons in the Surf, is available in book format or Download version from many web locations. The book version can also be purchased or ordered from your favorite book store by quoting ISBN 978 1 4303 0972 7.

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Michael is a seasoned world traveler and adventurer, who spends his time between Australia and Canada. He is currently working on four other novels.

Founded in 2002, Lulu is the world's fastest-growing print-on-demand marketplace for digital do-it-yourselfers. Please see for more information.

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