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The Fastest Growing College in Israel Opens U. S. Office; Shamoon College of Engineering Helps Stimulate South Israel's Economy
Sami Shamoon College of Engineering in south Israel plans for 130% student body increase by 2012. The majority of the students are from south Israel's under-served brain trust. Shamoon plays a unique role in the development of Israel by recruiting and training engineering students, and then motivating them to stay in south Israel after graduation to fill the engineering shortage. This helps spur the region's economic growth.

Soldiers' Angels and Spa Emergency Team Up for Mother's Day and to Support U.S. Troops in Iraq
By pampering mothers around the world, visitors not only give mom a gift, but also give a donation to Soldiers' Angels.

As the Owner of PoeticWorks Prepares to Deploy to Iraq, she Tells Other Poets ... Keep Writing
Marine currently stationed on Camp Pendleton has thought about publishing an entire book of military poetry written by service members that have served in support of OEF/OIF. After she completes her tour in Iraq later next year, she will publish the book and donate all sales to families that have lost loved ones in Iraq since 2001.

The Bush There Or Here Fallacy and the War in Iraq
Today we wish to examine a fallacy, or error in reasoning, which we have found springing up now and again in today's popular discourse about the so-called War On Terror. This one comes straight from the top -- well, not the VERY top -- but from Washington D.

The MathWorks Announces New Distributor in Israel: Systematics, Ltd. to provide distribution and support of the MathWorks
The MathWorks today announced it has established a new partnership with Systematics, Ltd. based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Starting on January 1, 2007, Systematics will be responsible for product sales and services of The MathWorks MATLAB(R) and Simulink(R) product platforms in that region. Systematics will offer a wide range of sales, support and training for technical computing and Model-Based Design to Israel's leading industries: aerospace and defense, communications, semiconductors, biotech and medical devices.

Selection Of Perfumes Online

It had been the prehistoric episode when the world was vast and beyond the imagination and the fashion was drab altogether. Due to the dreaded communication, the messages used to take an astonishingly long time span to reach from one place to the other and the business was like the child?s play. But with the advent of the technology everything was utterly modified. Fashion is of no exception. Internet came to the scene with the amazing global revolutionary effects not only on the business but also on the life style and fashion. Shopping for perfumes and fragrances standing at the overcrowded perfume stores is out o the scene during the present era. Thousands and thousands of sites displaying information about perfumes are at the tip of the fingers. The wide assortment of the awesome perfumes with inspirational fragrances is just a few clicks away.

Advantages of shopping perfumes online.

The selection of perfumes online has become one of the most effective and sophisticated methods of shopping for the exotic fragrances and perfumes. Online shopping for the perfumes has been blessed with an awesome range benefits. The most important of which is that you do not have move out of your home to get the perfumes and fragrances of your choice. Moreover, you can find an unlimited collection of perfumes from varied brands over the Internet. You are allowed to browse based on the fragrance families or the brands or even according to the price range. You can also search out for the right perfume that are in sync with your very own signature style and fashion. Comparison can be best done in case of online shopping for perfumes and fragrances.

This is not possible when it comes to shopping for the perfumes standing on the longest queue at a cosmetic store.

Disadvantages of shopping perfumes online.

Even with such innumerable benefits, the idea of shopping perfumes online has been stigmatized by certain unavoidable drawbacks. It is not possible for the customers to judge the originality of the fragrance family and category in advance. The authenticity the brand and the quality can?t be proved beforehand. Moreover, if your selection is a name that you haven?t heard of ever before and you don?t know the notes of the particular fragrance, it will not be wise enough to go for purchasing it online, as you do not know if it would really suit your lifestyle and personality at all. Although the idea of selecting perfumes online really saves much of your precious time and some dollars, yet it leaves you with a lot of scopes to turn out to be an utter flop. A wrong click would end up with some significant loss.

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