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Fifteen of Eighteen Presidential Election Candidates Have Negative Search Engine Listings
New study from examines the online reputation of 2008 hopefuls.

Barack Obama's Statement on the President's Veto of the Iraq War Funding Bill
Barack Obama: "With one stroke of his pen, President Bush has stubbornly ignored the will of the American people, the majority of Congress and, most disturbingly, the realities on the ground in Iraq."

Senator Barack Obama presents the Wings of Hope Medal to Board President of the American Brain Tumor Association
John was honored to be given this prestigious award by Senator Barack Obama, who has two children of his own and was touched by John's volunteer efforts on behalf of children with brain tumors. This event was held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Chicago.

S Corporations ‚€“ Filing The Election
Getting a corporation designated as an "S" can be a bit confusing. If you are committed to getting an "S" corporation, here is how you do it.

China, Iran Plot World Dominance in New Novel Dragons in the Surf
Dragons in the Surf, a frighteningly vivid action packed novel on a potential confrontation between China, Iran and Australia and its Allies. This look at power shifts in the Asia Pacific Region, with links to the powder keg in the Middle East will keep readers riveted.

Obama's Candidacy May Force Hillary to Accept VP Role, Says Writer

Nashville, TN (PRWeb) February 16, 2007 -- Writer C. D. Jewell says that liberal Senator Barack Obama's dramatic entry in the race for the Democratic nomination may mean Hillary Clinton could be forced to accept second place on the 2008 ticket.

"Hillary's leading all Democrat contenders in the polls now, even Obama. But the liberal, anti-war Obama is gaining ground daily with the party base. That, plus Hillary's early pro-war stance and more moderate voting record could convince primary voters and party leaders that she could help the ticket better by running as a VP," says Jewell. "The campaign for the nomination will be a battle royal. But if Obama's momentum continues, and Hillary comes to the convention with fewer votes, she could easily garner the VP spot. If she wants it, that is."

Jewell says that Obama, who's been described by the media as moderate, is really one of the most liberal members of the senate. "Though Obama's only been a U. S. senator for two years," says the writer, "he's established an extremely liberal voting record. Even before becoming a senator, he opposed the Iraq war. As a senator he opposed re-authorizing the Patriot Act, and now he's now calling for a complete US withdrawal from Iraq by March 2008. This liberal record will certainly help him in the primaries. In many ways, Obama reminds me of the central character in my book Liberalstein."

According to Jewell, his comic novel Liberalstein has a definite satirical slant. A scientist clones the perfect liberal candidate who unfortunately becomes a monster and runs amok when he's elected U.S. president in 2008.

"Since Liberalstein's only a fictional character," says Jewell, "I'm certainly not saying he is Obama. But Liberalstein does have many of the same traits and views -- he's handsome, very articulate, has first hand experience with drugs, is strongly anti-war, and has Hollywood support. Also, in Jewell's book, a character named Hillary Wimpton becomes Liberalstein's running mate in 2008. With Hillary playing a more conservative, hawkish role to bolster their chances, she and Liberalstein go on to defeat the Republicans in the general election.

Heather Froeschl, a reviewer at, gives Liberalstein four stars and calls it, "the most satirical book I've read in ages. Quite imaginative!" The editors at National Summary say, "You've got to read this book!" and recommend it highly. Readers can purchase Liberalstein online through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Borders, and Booksamillion. The book is also available for order at bookstores worldwide.

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