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Soldier Balances Tour of Duty in Afghanistan while Studying Online at Portland State University
Bryan Bolin does not have a typical job for a student working his way through college. Bolin traded life as a full-time student in Portland State University's (PSU) Criminology and Criminal Justice program for deployment in Afghanistan where he is a first lieutenant in the Oregon National Guard.

7 Reasons You ARE Your Own Best Product, or Lessons From the 2004 Presidential Election
The 2004 election is over--at least in the minds of the public--and analysis runs rampant as to why Senator John Kerry lost. From a business viewpoint, one could say that he simply didn't sell the product.

This Veterans' Day Honors Lives Of Fallen U.S. Troops In Afghanistan, Iraq
As veterans increasingly turn to digital memorialization, In Remembrance website traffic continues to grow.

Call for Public Awareness as Israel Threatens to Hand Over Mt. Zion Complex and Tomb of King David to the Vatican as Political Gift to the Pope
Jewish organization outraged that Mt. Zion complex in Jerusalem may be handed over to the Vatican as a political gift to the Pope by Israeli Prime Minsiter Ehud Olmert, ending Jewish sovereignty to the Tomb of King David

New, First-Of-Its-Kind, Israel Book A Surprise Bestseller on
MOVING UP: An Aliyah Journal ( quickly became a best-selling Israel book on and a #1 selling Israel book on

U. S. Seniors Retiring To Iraq; Say That's Where The Medicare Money Is, Reveals Newslaugh.Com, The Sanely Funny Humor Magazine, In Its March Fict

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 5, 2007 -- In its March fiction feature,, The Sanely Funny Humor Magazine, reveals "U. S. Seniors Retiring to Iraq; Say That's Where The Medicare Money Is."

Go to NewsLaugh.Com for the complete article. Here's a brief excerpt:

"U. S. senior citizens, noting President Bush's new budget, which calls for billions to be spent in Iraq while billions are cut from Medicare, are foregoing traditional retirement destinations like Florida and Arizona and opting for Iraq.

"The budget numbers reflect a convincing coincidence. Bush's plan calls for $100 billion more for Iraq and $100 billion in cuts for Medicare.

"Following up on the new retirement trend, we went to Kennedy Airport and caught up with some seniors who were booked for Baghdad.

"Excuse me," I asked a group of seniors who just stepped off the bus in front of Saudi Arabian Airlines. "I understand you're all heading for Iraq?"

"That's right," a man in Bermuda shorts replied, and reached into his golf bag. He took out a chapeau in the usual mullah fashion. "Got my black turban right here. You know what they say? When in Baghdad, do as the Iraqis do."

Other sanely funny satires in this month's free issue include:

* Dick Cheney's Wartime Orphanage - Our Spoof of the Month!

* Ahmadinejad Defends Iran's "Inalienable Right" To Become A Nuclear Target

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* Good News! George Bush May Run For Third Term

* Male Frogs Becoming Female; Female Frogs Object

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He has extensive experience in news media. He wrote the recent campaign for The New York Sun, New York's new broadsheet newspaper, "Illuminate Your World," the classic campaign for Time Magazine, "There's never been a greater need for understanding," and the long-running theme for The Village Voice, "In this city, you need a Voice." In broadcast media, he wrote the advertising that successfully introduced Lifetime television, "There's nothing like a woman's Lifetime," and oversaw all the advertising for WABC TV and radio in New York.

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