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Call from Iraq

Chicago, IL (PRWeb) March 3, 2007 -- Dreams for Kids, a charitable organization based in Chicago, IL is proud to announce that they have taken on the challenge of Sergeant Dick Marak (Palatine,IL) who is currently stationed in Baghdad in the heart of the Iraq conflict.

Sgt. Marak has answered the call of the Wounded Heroes Foundation to send the inspirational book "Kiss of a Dolphin" to our wounded men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Kiss of a Dolphin" was previously sent to the burn unit of Walter Reed Hospital in San Antonio. The Wounded Heroes Foundation reported that the book was very inspiring and provided the soldiers with hope for their transition back to civilian life after their injuries.

Here is a transcript of Sgt. Marak's email:

"I am passing Kiss of a Dolphin around my platoon so everyone can read it. It has had a very positive effect on all the Marines that got to read the book. I'll share with you some of my experiences with the Marines that got a Kiss.

Cpl Gonzalez (Active Duty - Camp Pendleton)
Cpl Gonzalez was born and raised in Chicago. He has been in the Corps for six years and is thinking about getting out and moving back to Chicago. After reading Kiss of a Dolphin Cpl Gonzalez told me he is so excited to get back to Chicago, get a job on the police department and start helping out with Dreams for Kids. I know that before Kiss of a Dolphin he was not sure where life would take him. I can tell you now Gonzo has lots of motivation to become a police officer and has a better outlook on where his life is going. He just wants to help people.

Cpl Segulin (Reservist 6th Motors, Orlando Florida)
All I have to say about him, after reading Kiss of a Dolphin he asks everyday how he can help kids. He talks about coming to Chicago for the Christmas Party and he would like to know if there is anything he can do in Florida for Dreams for Kids.

This is just a couple of positive experiences out of the many that I have seen after Marines have read Kiss of a Dolphin. I wish I had more copies to pass around so more Marines over here could have read Kiss of a Dolphin. Because of this I would like to help send more books out to this country.

I can't purchase a full box but definitely half a box. If you can find someone that can split a box with me it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all you do,
Sgt Marak"

The Chicagoland community responded within hours to ship our 12 cases of books to our men and women who have paid such a high price for us. The inspiring story that Sgt, Marak shares with us, gives us only a glimpse of how powerful this book is to the morale and spirit of those who have given so much for our freedom and way of life.

WE have reduced the price for our wounded heroes is $12 per book, which is almost Ĺ off the cover price of $21.95. A case contains 60 books, so the price for a full case is $720 and half a case is $360.

To help Dreams for Kids fulfill Sgt. Marak's request, please contact Tom Richey at 312.866.5454 or by email.

Dreams for Kids is a government registered 501(c)3 non profit children's charity that provides hope and opportunity to children with disabilities and those who have suffered financial hardship.

Contact Information:
Tom Richey 312.729.5408 or toll free 866.729. 5454



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