Sanders for Congress - Keep Hope Alive!

Whats Right About Nebraska: How the Democrats Lost the Heart of American Populism
(Note: This article was written slightly before the 2004 election; however, its thesis on how the Dems. lost the heartland--and why they continue to fumble the ball--bespeaks of a sea change that continues to sweep the American political landscape.

Iranian Elections - Roadmap To Continued Apathy
The recent first round of the Iranian elections somewhat resembled the rise to power of the promising Mohammed Khatami first time round in 1999. But despite the break from apathy seen over recent elections, the liveliness does not bode anywhere near the same promise that Khatami managed to swirl up six years ago.

Israel Train Travel Tips
The Israeli railroads infrastructure has been upgraded significantly in the past 10 years. While until 1996 most of trains & railroads were bizarre collections of British "leftovers" from the mandatory occupation that lasted until 1948, nowadays Israeli trains can take you almost anywhere in Israel and (almost) right on time.

Texans March for Peace on Fourth Anniversary of Invasion of Iraq
As part of a national effort on the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, Texans from all walks of life will join the Million Musician March for Peace, this Saturday, March 17th, in a regional event which begins at noon, at the State Capitol.

DFAS Green Lights Heavy Duty Pallet Racks for Logistics Support in Iraq
The Defense Finance and Accounting Service believe these heavy duty pallet racks can safely hold replacement tank and jet engines in Iraq.

Iraqi Cabinet Passes Oil Law, but Problems Loom According to Review in Caspian Investor

Concord, MA (PRWeb) March 6, 2007 -- The Iraqi government has approved a draft Oil Law. The accord does represent a major rapprochement between Baghdad and the Kurdish Regional Government. However, the initial approval may be the easy part in the process. The draft is only an outline and pressure is building to negotiate details. With additional opposition to the move developing, the prospect of finalizing legislation remains in serious doubt, according to an analysis published by Caspian Investor.

Caspian Investor is published by WorldTrade Executive, Inc. and provides unequaled news and analysis of energy sector developments impacting the countries of Central Asia and the Caspian Sea region. It includes extensive coverage of Iran and some details of Iraq as it impacts regional markets.

The Iraqi Cabinet approved a draft of the long-awaited Oil Law on February 27. The bill now moves to the parliament. Sources told Caspian Investor, however, that significant problems remain in securing passage.

Kurdish Support Vital
That the bill has made it this far is a result only of a last-minute decision by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to back it. "The support, however, is for a broad outline accord," one source close to the negotiations told us on February 28. "The details of actually dividing oil proceeds will present a major future obstacle."

Majority Shiite factions are supporting the initiative, at least in its present general version, with the Sunnis expressing reserved support since they remain included in the partition of revenues from sales. There had been genuine concern among the Sunnis, now a minority of the population and controlling only areas of the country without significant hydrocarbon reserves, that the accord would leave them with no oil revenues.

"That still may happen in practice," notes a Sunni member of the Oil Ministry. "The law was approved without any details." According to the draft, oil sales will comprise a single fund controlled by the central government and redistributed throughout the country based on population. The regions will have authority to negotiate and sign contracts within the contract guidelines set out in the law. Unfortunately, the government has yet to propose any of these contract specifics.

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