Sanders for Congress - Keep Hope Alive!

Israel Berger & Associates, LLC Positioned for Continued Growth
Announces Appointment of Four New Principals and Selection of Financial Partner

Election Season Could Be A Boost For Maine Business
Two young women from Maine are hoping to have their business take off during Election season. Electoral College Sportswear & Accessories and Intellectual Threads are run by Andrea Duquette (24) and Ashley Perry (23) of Bangor, Maine. Electoral College Sportswear & Accessories sells novelty clothing for the fictitious Electoral College.

Pave the Way Foundation Urges Israeli Government to Affirm New Greek Orthodox Church Leader
Gary L, Krupp, Founder and President of Pave the Way Foundation, a worldwide non-sectarian organization dedicated to achieving world peace by enhancing relations between the religions through historic gestures of good will, has issued a letter to H.E. Ehud Olmert, Prime Minister of the State of Israel urging him to "move the government of Israel to quickly affirm the election of Theophilus III as the next Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem."

Election Integrity Experts Recommend Investigation and Legislation
The question of ensuring an accurate, transparent count of the people's vote has been at the forefront of concerns of many individuals and groups, both private and governmental. how to guarantee that the actual will of the people is carried out. This week the U.S. Senate and House will be meeting and voting on recommendations to improve the voting system. Several of the nation's foremost election integrity experts have spent the last several months grappling with some of these issues and have come up with 14 recommendations for federal legislation to ensure the integrity of our democracy.

Global/Israeli Corruption!
What depth of blind insanity has inflicted itself upon Israel's politicians, and such as George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice?!!??So, in order to bring about disarray within the ranks of those opposing the Disengagement, a specially trained "Gestapo/KGB type" unit is to be deployed a week before the Withdrawal begins, to totally disarm the "settlers," and to drag protest leaders from their beds in the middle of the night.

Complete Selection of Fireplace Screens, Tools and Hearth Accessories

Matching Fireplace and Hearth Products are the Secret To Making Your Fireplace the Focal Point of Any Room

By nature, fireplaces draw attention to a specific area, which is a reason why the hearth is a classic gathering place for people. The addition of a couple of wall sconces on either side of your fireplace mantle is an excellent way to draw attention to the hearth. However for a really unified look that makes the fireplace mantle the focal point of your room, try using coordinated fireplace accessories made of complementary materials and accenting. Log holders, hearth rugs, tools, fire screens, and wood baskets can all be coordinated to unify the fireplace hearth and make guests and family envious.

Fireplace Candelabras

Forget wood...bring your fireplace to life by using a candelabra! When they are lit, fireplace candelabras create a soft glow that you would usually get with a real wood fire but without all the difficulty. Put it behind a stained glass firescreen and watch the gorgeous colors come to life! Even in the warmer months, a wrought iron fireplace candle holder can add a warm flickering glow to the hearth and can be a decorative feature on its own. They are also an inexpensive solution for those that have a non-functional and unsightly fireplace opening. Just place the candelabra in the fireplace opening and place your choice of perfumed or colored candles, and viola - a fireplace makeover in just minutes.

Screens for the Fireplace

While we all love to relax and sit back close to the fireplace after a hard day of work, truthfully our hearth is a very dangerous placeparticularly for people who have both children AND animals! Gases trapped inside firewood could cause sparks and embers to pop out of the fire. Firescreens are important in protecting your house and family from the dangers and risks of flying sparks. They're a necessity, but when they are coordinated with the home decor, fire screens can add a unique sense of style and personality to the space. So while you can go with the simple screen that will serve as a protection for your family and flooring, you can also coordinate and match the design features with other decorations in the home for a more complete and distinctive look. In that sense, fireplace screens are decorative elements in their own sense.

Fireplace Grates

Fireplace grates are vital if you are going to burn a real wood fire in your fireplace. The grate is lifted above the hearth floor to allow oxygen to feed the flame from below. It also alllows the soot from the burning wood to drop rather than smother the burning flame. When you are getting a fireplace grate it's essential to properly measure your fireplace opening. You will need to know the width of your fireplace opening in the front and back (if it tapers) along with the depth of your fireplace opening to get a fireplace grate that would be suitable. Allow about a two inch clearance on both sides.


Even though firebacks were popular in the 1700s in North America, they were actually a European invention with roots that go even further back. But, in both the Old and New World, their popularity faded to all but collectors and true hearth fanatics. But with energy prices raising to record breaking highs, people are looking to derive more of their heating needs from alternative sources like fireplaces, but they're also searching for the most effective fireplace possible. Cast-iron firebacks are made of cast iron and retain heat (and as a result provide heat to the room) for hours after a fire has burned out.

Wood Holders and Log Baskets

Keep your firewood nicely stored by using a log holder or wood basket. These common hearth accessories usually seem to be more decorative than functional, and many people use them to store their recent magazines. But never undervalue the functionality of the wood holder. Face it, if you're lighting a wood fire, where do you plan to store your logs for the evening? Log baskets have a handle built in so you will be able to move it to the wood pile for a quick reload if necessary. Log holders normally have a detachable log tote made out of leather or thick cloth to conveniently transport your wood from the log pile to the wood holder. Match the style and finish with the other hearth accessories for a more complete look.

Fireplace Tools

What hearth looks complete without a set of fireplace tools neatly placed to the side? Though many people may use them as an ornamental element in the room, fireplace tool sets are some of the most important fireplace accessories if you want to burn a real wood fire in the fireplace. Most fireplace tool sets will come with a shovel, tongs, a poker, and a broom. Everything that is necessary to keep the hearth clear of wood debris and the fire stoked. Keep in mind, not all rustic fireplace tools are created equal. You will find a huge assortment of prices, materials, finishes, and styles. If you're looking for a tool set for your fireplace that's dependable and will last years and years, then wrought iron or solid brass sets are great choices. Once you've selected the quality you are looking for, then decide on a finish that matches the rest of your decor.

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