Sanders for Congress - Keep Hope Alive!

Iranian Scholar and Expatriate Supports Total Removal of Theology State in Iran in New Book
Romanticism and Revivalism of Pure Divine Motherland of Iran is based on a visionary's personal experience with political corruption

Fighter Pilot David Bishop?s Miraculous Healing in the Euphrates River, Iraq, Put Him on the Road to the White House Paved by Powerful Corporate
Powerful corporate executives, denied defense contracts by the present administration, acquire all computer voting machine companies and elect retired fighter pilot David Bishop President of the United States.

Israel Beyond the News; Israeli Consulate in New York City Initiates
Everything you want to know about Israel: The country and its people.

Marriage and the Election
Dear Friends of Marriage,There is a lot of talk on both sides in this election that this is the most important election this century. Most of this is exaggeration to try and motivate people to vote for one candidate or the other.

FDA Decision Involves Area Patients Indiana Physician Participated in 'Rigid' National Clinical Study
Local surgeons who perform breast reconstruction and 'primary augmentation' for a large region of Indiana and three surrounding states are applauding the Food & Drug Administration decision (November 2006) to approve the manufacturing and use of silicone gel-based breast implants for American women. Ronald Downs, MD, FACS, former President of the Indiana State Medical Association and founder of The Centre, P.C. based in Elkhart, participated for more than ten years in the same national FDA study of silicone gel-based breast implants that is now cited as the basis for approving their use.

Texans March for Peace on Fourth Anniversary of Invasion of Iraq

AUSTIN, TX (PRWeb) March 16, 2007 -- As part of a national effort to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, Texans from all walks of life will join the Million Musician March for Peace, this Saturday, March 17th, in a regional event which begins at noon, at the Capitol. Led by a number of prominent musicians, the march through downtown steps off at 12:30 and ends at City Hall Plaza, where a mix of inspirational speeches and musical numbers will be heard.

Speakers will include Congressman Lloyd Doggett, the venerable Liz Carpenter, and Amy Branham, a member of Gold Star Families for Peace. Musicians onstage for this event include Guy Forsythe, Carolyn Wonderland, and many others familiar to regional audiences. Buses and car pools are being organized in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and points in between, and attendance will easily top last year's figures, according to Charlie Jackson, founder of Texans for Peace, which is one of the organizing groups. Jackson's group has sent out hundreds of postcards statewide to remind people of the anniversary and the events being held around it.

Eddie Gary, spokesman for Austin Against War, also an organizer, stresses that antiwar sentiment is actually the majority opinion in this country. "We come from all walks of life and all beliefs," he said earnestly, "and we encourage others to stand up and and become an 'instrument for peace' in whatever way best suits them. We firmly believe that peace equals patriotism." Rich Bowden, a local musician who founded Instruments for Peace, also an organizing group, agreed, and commented on the enthusiasm he sees building for the march, "I don't think people are apathetic at all. When they see a way they can help that feels natural to them, they are ready to go!"

Sponsors of the march are Austin Against War, Instruments for Peace, Texamericana, Austin Center for Peace and Justice, Code Pink Austin, Veterans for Peace Austin, Non-Military Options for Youth, and Texans for Peace.



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