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NiteLites of Indianapolis Planning to Exhibit 'Green' Lighting Fixtures at 49th Indiana Flower and Patio Show
NiteLites of Indianapolis, the Landscape Lighting Professionals uses environmentally friendly low voltage lighting They will display low voltage lighting fixtures and accessories at the 49th Indiana Flower and Patio Show in Indianapolis, March 10th through 18th at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

An Environmental Voting Guide for US State Elections
In these times when states are suffering extreme downward pressure on budgets and spending, how is our environment making out? Did it suffer cuts right along with the Program to Assist Millionaires Become Billionaires? Are important environmental projects being dropped from the budget along with luxury items like the statehouse's new Gold-Plated Enforcement Gavel?And why is the issue of environmental protection relevant at the state level? Doesn't the US Environmental Protection Agency handle all that stuff? This article answers these questions and provides smart-voting tools for you to help ensure your surroundings remain green and healthful.ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION AT THE STATE LEVELWhile the US Environmental Protection Agency garners much of...

Israeli Jewelry Designers Launch Worldwide Campaign
HLG Jewelry LLC showcases prominent designs from Israeli artists in sterling silver and gold jewelry. HLG Jewelry will offer retail shops and galleries a chance to carry the moderately priced jewelry collections.

Visit Indiana, Kentucky For Your Next Vacation?
If you live in the Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio region of America, you really do owe it to yourself to make a little trip to Nashville, Indiana sometime in the near future. Nicknamed the "Little Smokies", and referred to by most of us as "Brown County", this thriving artist community is located about an hour from Indianapolis. This time of the year, the trip is especially worth it due to the gorgeous jewel tones of the autumn leaves.

Silicon Valley's Iranian Christians Celebrate Persian New Year; Traditional Community ?No Ruz? will be Broadcast Live into Iran
The Iranian Christian Church, under the auspices of International Antioch Ministries (IAM), will host a traditional Persian New Year (?No Ruz?) celebration on Sunday, March 25th, at The Iranian Christian Church in Sunnyvale, Calif.

3 Common Childcare Selection Mistakes

One of the most difficult decisions many parents make is selecting the right child care program for your child. Here are some common mistakes parents make and how to avoid them.

1. Don't wait until the last minute

Waiting until the last minute to decide where your going for dinner may cause some inconvenience if the restaurant you choose is full but waiting until the last minute to choose the best child care option can have far worse consequences. This is particularly true if you're looking for childcare for an infant. Of course it's possibly Lady Luck could be on your side and the perfect child care option may still be available but do you really want to leave the safety of your children to chance? The best child care facilities are well known in parental circles and they're almost always full. You may want to get on the waiting list as soon as you find out you're pregnant depending on the demand for space in that particular child care program.

2. Understand the most important considerations in evaluating child care options

Most parents can tell you off the top of their heads what's important in evaluating the purchase of a new home or car but when it comes to the criteria for child car, they draw a blank. Spend some time researching the important factors. What's important to a given set of parents is subject to personal discretion but some of the common considerations include caregiver to child ratios. This provides an indication as to whether a particular child care option has enough staff to provide quality child care. You might also want to investigate if there have been any accidents or investigations at the child care facilities you're considering. And finally, what activities are planned to entertain the children and hopefully allow them to learn too.

3. Check the Child Care Facility's References Thoroughly

Many parents have used their guts to guide them in judging individuals. Some people just don't "feel right" and would make you think twice about entrusting the care of your child to them. But in this instance, that may not be enough. You should do a thorough check on the references of not only the child care facility but also on each person who may come in contact with your child. You've seen the horror stories on the news about seemingly nice people who turn into monsters as soon as they are left alone with a child. Do you want your child to be next? If not, the extra piece of mind you'll get from performing a thorough reference check will be worth the extra time and effort.

There certainly are other issues to consider in selecting the best child care option but these are some of the most common ones. Following the guidelines laid out here will give a good head start on getting the best possible child care.

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