Sanders for Congress - Keep Hope Alive!

George Bush and the Iraq War - Down on Downing Street
You, the reader, should be aware of my affluence of love for literature in all its forms, for instance: the novel, the novella, the short story, the poem, and the comic strip - which, in its own right, is a literary and creative milestone tantamount in importance to Shakespeare.However, without doubt, one of my favorite genres of literature is: the memo.

Grandpas House & From Iraq with Love [Two Poems]
Grandpa's House [The ole Real House]The house needed painting Sun-blistered and flaking Grandpa started to have us Boys‚€”Mike and I‚€” start Doing some scraping‚€”While he, pealed off the ole Paint, and started painting..

Original Audio Production of "Edges, O Israel, Palestine" Starring Tovah Feldshuh
"Edges", starring Tovah Feldshuh, Audio Production Available June 1, downloadable at and "Edges" is also on development to be shot in location in West and East Jerusalem. The author will be siigning books April 29th at 12pm-1pm at the LA Times Festval of the Book, UCLA campus, Booth 610. An interview with the author on TALKSBOOKS with Connie Martinson, on April 26th, airing to be announced.

Saving Private Ryan in Iraq - Stop the Bleeding
I propose that we give soldiers an ultra thin material, which will either be an undergarment to their uniform or incorporated as a liner within that uniform. This liner in the uniform will be laced with a Blood Coagulation Product.

UK Elections on the Horizon
With elections on the horizon and Blair looking tired and increasingly defensive, just what is likely outcome of the next election? The New Labour adoption of Tory plans and policies has created an almost parallel party in terms of the Conservatives and Labour. Many people are confused and find it hard to tell them apart.

Choosing From The Wide Array Of Adobe Photo Shop Tutorial Selections

There is no doubt that Adobe Photo Shop plays a major role in the world of technology today. It is the most popular and perhaps most important photography and graphics design software available. As such, it is highly important for anyone who wants to venture into the visual arts, digital at least, to have at least some level of familiarity with the software. Not surprisingly, several kinds of Adobe Photo Shop tutorials have sprouted in the market, each serving a particular purpose of instruction for those who want to learn how to use the program

With the many different options, it can be quite confusing to select the correct Adobe Photo Shop tutorial for you. A good way of narrowing down the list is by looking at the different types of tutorials and seeing if they fit one?s particular need. It may also be helpful to take different kinds of Adobe Photo Shop tutorials to gain some knowledge about different functions, which may be probably be useful in your eventual Photo Shop experience. Here are some of the usual types of Adobe Photo Shop tutorials available. Check out which one could cater to your need.

1. Basic Adobe Photo Shop Courses ? these tutorials are for those who are totally unfamiliar with the program. A good basic tutorial would show any novice how to use Adobe Photo Shop for general purposes. It should instruct the user how to use the most common tools in the program and the power of each tool in manipulating or enhancing images. There are even some basic Adobe Photo Shop tutorials that teach a little of the more advanced topics that may be eventually useful.

2. Color Courses ? as implied, color tutorials focus on the powerful color manipulation capabilities of Adobe Photo Shop. This is very useful for those who want to play with tints and hues of photos. Many digital photographers use this tool very often to make the colors of their photos take life.

3. Photo Scanning and/or Editing ? these tutorials are very helpful for photographers, whether those who use digital or film cameras. This type of tutorial tells the best ways of scanning printed pictures so that they would turn out well on screen. It then teaches how to make changes with photos, whether to remove or to add something to them, for various purposes.

4. Text Effects ? this type of tutorial unleashes the great text-making capabilities of Adobe Photo shop, which can be very useful in making labels, advertisements, promotional and instructional materials. This can definitely make words pop out.

5. Special Effects Tutorial ? Adobe Photo Shop is known for creating many astonishing effects and this type of tutorial unlocks the mystery of astounding graphics. This can help users go beyond normal photo processing by manipulating images to heights limited only by imagination.

6. Texture Effects ? Adobe Photo Shop can make pictures look as if they are the real thing and this is done by playing on textures. This type of tutorial teaches users how to make their picture appear as if they can be touched and felt.

Other kinds of Adobe Photo Shop tutorials are available, some are even so specific to particular features of this remarkable program. It is best to try them out for size to discover the great powers that the software can provide.

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