Sanders for Congress - Keep Hope Alive!

Stock Investing ? Midterm Elections Make Drug Companies A Sale
Stock investing is tough enough when you have to deal with the specifics of a company and an industry. When you throw politics into the equation it becomes a whole new ball game. Now stock investing can be a crap shoot at best. Let?s take a look at what?s going on currently, and you decide. First let?s look at a little history.

U. S. Seniors Retiring To Iraq; Say That's Where The Medicare Money Is, Reveals Newslaugh.Com, The Sanely Funny Humor Magazine, In Its March Fict
In its March fiction feature,, The Sanely Funny Humor Magazine, reveals "U. S. Seniors Retiring to Iraq; Say That's Where The Medicare Money Is." Go to NewsLaugh.Com for the complete article. A brief excerpt follows.

Wayne's World 2005 Is a Clear Window into a Muddy Iraq
Soldier's Web log shows humanity of war through the eyes of soldiers in the 155th Brigade Combat Team.

Israel Consul Announces Kadima Hebrew Academy Student to Participate in Speaker's Bureau
Under the gleaming nose of Air Force One at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, 250 Kadima Hebrew Academy supporters and community leaders gathered on Sunday evening, May 6, 2007, to celebrate Kadima Hebrew Academy's Putting Dreams in Flight Gala.

Iranian Elections - Roadmap To Continued Apathy
The recent first round of the Iranian elections somewhat resembled the rise to power of the promising Mohammed Khatami first time round in 1999. But despite the break from apathy seen over recent elections, the liveliness does not bode anywhere near the same promise that Khatami managed to swirl up six years ago.

Dantel Inc. Announces Selection by an International Communications Company for Major IP Network Alarm Project

(PRWEB) April 30, 2007 -- Dantel Inc. (, a leader in the field of network surveillance and management, today announced that it has been selected for a major alarm network project by one of the world's largest international communications companies. This selection places Dantel's PointMaster® Eagle alarm system and VisionMaster® Client/Server mediation system throughout the company's communications network.

The communications company, which offers a number of IP services including data, voice, and video serving a variety of markets, will use the Dantel solution to optimize its IP network performance by providing maximum visibility and status along with a standard automated response. The Eagle and VisionMaster make it easier for an end user to operate and maintain its network by detecting and reporting service-affecting events before they impact network performance and the bottom line.

"We are excited about the selection and initial order for 250 PointMaster Eagles. We look forward to providing additional products and services for related projects," said Frank Martinez, director of account marketing for Dantel. "This was a culmination of close dialogue with our partner relative to preparation, planning and implementation over the past year and a half."

Dantel's PointMaster Eagle solution reports event data to NETEXPERT®, NMA®, Netcool® or other management systems for processing. A similar approach is used by a number of Dantel clients with some variations depending on network type and characteristics. The VisionMaster product family aggregates event data from remote sites thereby offloading the burden placed on the primary management system. The VisionMaster communicates using TL1, DCP, DCPF, SNMP and other protocols.

"Dantel excels at providing creative solutions by leveraging our industry experience, knowledge and advanced technology for innovative, yet simple approaches to resolving complex problems," said Martinez. "Our selection, which was based in part on cost, service and seamless integration, is yet another excellent example of our proven approach."

The PointMaster Eagle, which can be adapted to many different configurations, is ideal for new and retrofit applications. It is NEBS certified and supports a variety of protocols including SNMP, TL1, DCP and DCPF. It also supports a range 64 to 256 alarm inputs/4 to 32 control outputs and supports both Serial and TCP/IP communications.

About Dantel, Inc.
Since 1971, Dantel has been the leading provider of innovative alarm, control and physical surveillance products. Dantel designs, manufactures and markets these products to a diverse customer base including telecommunication service providers, cable operators, energy utilities, security dealers, the U.S. Government and OEM partners. For more information on Dantel and its surveillance and management solutions, call 1-800-432-6835, or visit us at

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