Sanders for Congress - Keep Hope Alive!

Jewish Humor Website Releases Short Film Titled "Boycotting Israel"
"Boycotting Israel" takes a humorous look at what the world would look like if people actually followed through on their boycott attempt.

China, Iran Plot World Dominance in New Novel Dragons in the Surf
Dragons in the Surf, a frighteningly vivid action packed novel on a potential confrontation between China, Iran and Australia and its Allies. This look at power shifts in the Asia Pacific Region, with links to the powder keg in the Middle East will keep readers riveted.

Israel Berger & Associates, LLC Positioned for Continued Growth
Announces Appointment of Four New Principals and Selection of Financial Partner

The Little-Known Speechwriting Secrets That Won George W Bush The US Election
He's been accused of "mangling the language, destroying its meaning by avoiding the use of verbs, twisting nouns into verbs, and endlessly repeating phrases until they become zombified" (Source:'Bush and Blair accused of mangling English' by Kate Kelland,

Are Iraq Vets Losing Healthcare Fight?
The recent conflicts in Iraq have produced many injured and disabled vets. 22,600 and counting vets have been wounded in the conflicts in Iraq or surrounding areas such as Afghanistan. The most common injury sustained is from blasts. Fifty-nine percent of those injured by blasts are diagnosed as traumatic brain injury or ?TBI?, the signature wound of this war. This coupled with other issues of the war may be overwhelming the veteran?s healthcare system.

American Legion, Department of Indiana Exclusively Endorses Indiana Funeral Care & Veterans Funeral Care

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) May 23, 2007 -- Indiana Funeral Care at Fort Harrison and Veterans Funeral Care are the first funeral service providers in the nation to receive an endorsement from the American Legion, Department of Indiana (

Indiana Funeral Care ( and Veterans Funeral Care ( were exclusively endorsed by a department of the world's largest veterans service organization. This follows a year-long interview and recommendation process in Indianapolis, where the American Legion is headquartered.

David Ring, president of Indiana Funeral Care, said he and Jim Rudolph, president of Veterans Funeral Care, met with several representatives from the American Legion about the funeral services they provide veterans and their families. "The American Legion was receiving calls from widows who said they were being mistreated by local funeral homes and cemeteries," said Ring. "Prior to our relationship with the American Legion, Department of Indiana, veterans did not have a choice outside of a local service provider. Now, they can go with Indiana Funeral Care's plan, offered through the American Legion for $4000, or they can use a local funeral home provider, which is likely to be considerably more expensive," explained Ring.

Ring added that most veterans and their spouses are ill-informed and receive incorrect information about what they are entitled to. This is primarily due to significant confusion and misconceptions among veterans and funeral care providers. As a result, most veterans end up spending $10,000 to $12,000 for funeral and cemetery expenses when they could have saved about $6000 to $8,000 using Indiana Funeral Care and a national cemetery. National cemeteries can be used free of charge to veterans and their spouses.

"Working hand-in-hand with the American Legion, Department of Indiana will help provide a solution to this challenge and a cohesive message," said Ring. "Jim Rudolph and I hope to use the Memorial Day holiday as an opportunity to let veterans know what they are entitled to."

These benefits apply to any national cemetery, for veterans and their spouses, who were honorably discharged include:

?Free cemetery space at a national cemetery
?Free outer burial container
?Perpetual care - no annual maintenance fee
?Free grave marker

For those who are receiving a VA disability pension or who die in a VA hospital, they are entitled to cash benefits. This is anywhere from $300 to $2000, depending on disability.

The U.S. Navy will also scatter ashes from a war ship and conduct a full military honor ceremony. Active military personnel are permitted on board the ship only, but the Navy will send a video to the family. For those veterans who have given 20 years active duty, they are entitled to a free burial at sea. Watch Frank Sebesta's burial at Sea: How to take care of a vet video:

In addition to providing veterans benefits, Indiana Funeral Care is the only provider in Ind. to offer a Church Funeral Plan to vets and non-vets. "This plan focuses on church-hosted visitation services instead of funeral home-hosted visitations," explained Ring. "The cost difference between a church funeral and one at a funeral home is significantly lower. This is because consumers aren't paying for the hefty overhead expenses associated with operating million dollar funeral homes. The church funeral is a great option for those who still want a traditional funeral service but at a reduced price," said Ring.

Ring, who is a life-long resident of Indiana, has a long history in the funeral home industry. His parent company, Harry W. Moore Mortuary, was founded in 1929 by his uncle, which he later took over and then sold to the second largest funeral consolidator in the nation. Ring, bought the company back and closed on it four days after 911.

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Indiana Funeral Care, based in Indianapolis, Ind., serves the rapidly growing number of people that are looking for more simplicity and lower cost in funeral and cremation services. Indiana Funeral Care is the exclusive funeral and cremation service provider for Veterans Funeral Care for the State of Indiana and is the first provider to be endorsed by the American Legion, Department of Indiana. For pricing and packages, visit


For media inquiries about Indiana Funeral Care, please call Valerie Jennings at 816.221.1040 or send an e-mail to valerie(at)


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