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Original Audio Production of "Edges, O Israel, Palestine" Starring Tovah Feldshuh
"Edges", starring Tovah Feldshuh, Audio Production Available June 1, downloadable at and "Edges" is also on development to be shot in location in West and East Jerusalem. The author will be siigning books April 29th at 12pm-1pm at the LA Times Festval of the Book, UCLA campus, Booth 610. An interview with the author on TALKSBOOKS with Connie Martinson, on April 26th, airing to be announced.

Fifteen of Eighteen Presidential Election Candidates Have Negative Search Engine Listings
New study from examines the online reputation of 2008 hopefuls.

Recent Online Study Finds that a Potential Al Gore Candidacy for President Benefits Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton stands to benefit if Al Gore runs for president.

Leading Indiana Fertility Center and IVF Specialist Dr. David McLaughlin Announce Website Launch:
Gynecological treatments are very private matters that demand comprehensive, compassionate and holistic services from an experienced, understanding and well-regarded doctor, as well as a skilled and knowledgeable staff that can empathize and understand the needs of the patient and then provide the most appropriate care and treatment which is focused on the individual.

Tiered Election Audits: New Report Issued by National Election Data Archive
A recent report released by the National Election Data Archive (NEDA) entitled "Tiered Election Audits" suggests a tiered tabulation system for election audits may be the solution to ensuring the integrity of election outcomes.

Soldiers' Angels and Spa Emergency Team Up for Mother's Day and to Support U.S. Troops in Iraq

Pasadena, California (PRWEB) May 1, 2007 -- Spa Emergency and Soldiers' Angels have teamed up to make Mother's Day special -- for moms around the world. Mothers receive Instant Gift Certificates for sumptuous spa services, and Soldiers' Angels receives a portion of each purchase, to help support the brave and dedicated members of the U.S. Armed Forces. This joint venture between online spa directory, Spa Emergency, and Soldiers' Angels, a nonprofit organization devoted to caring for servicemen and their families, originates from a heartfelt appreciation for the true heroes of the world -- moms and soldiers.

Soldiers' Angels was begun four years ago by a self-described "ordinary mother," Patti Bader, whose son, Brandon, was serving in Iraq. Brandon noticed that some soldiers didn't receive much support from home, so Patti contacted a few friends and started a card-writing campaign. As the adoption campaign grew, literally thousands of concerned civilians began helping out. Soldiers' Angels is still an all-volunteer operation that helps 115,000 men and women in uniform. And the kind of services it offers has expanded beyond cards and care packages.

"We take in anything and everything," says Debby Frerichs, Vice President of Donations for Soldiers' Angels. "Money, baby formula, clothes...." Recently, Frerichs says, Soldiers' Angels just gave away their one-thousandth laptop computer, with voice-operated software, to injured soldiers.

The "anything and everything" is where Spa Emergency comes in: just minutes after logging on to, and selecting a spa from over 900 across the United States, you can purchase a gift certificate for just about any amount you want to spend, and either print or email it out right at time of purchase. You can even choose to send the gift certificate at a later date -- just request to do so in the purchase form. Spa Emergency will donate a percentage of its profits to Soldiers' Angels.

If you're serving overseas, this is a great opportunity to buy a Mother's Day gift that's a little out of the ordinary. For the rest of us, a Spa Emergency gift certificate is a great way of honoring our men and women in uniform, who can't be here on that special day. Your mom would be proud! Soldiers' Angels is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the support of the brave men and women deployed in support of the War on Terror in Iraq, Afghanistan and wherever we fly the flag of the United States of America. For more information about Soldiers' Angels visit their website at

If you would like more information about this topic or to schedule an interview with Patti Patton-Bader, please call Don Mackay at (615)676-0239 or email Don: soldiersangels(at)



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