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Stock Investing ? Midterm Elections Make Drug Companies A Sale
Stock investing is tough enough when you have to deal with the specifics of a company and an industry. When you throw politics into the equation it becomes a whole new ball game. Now stock investing can be a crap shoot at best. Let?s take a look at what?s going on currently, and you decide. First let?s look at a little history.

Leatherneck Publishing's Iraq and Vietnam Conflict Books Honored by the San Diego Library
"Street Fight in Iraq" is one of the most compelling chronicles of the Iraqi conflict and is a best seller in Marine Corps Association bookstores. The language is harsh, the writing brutally honest and the message clear. It's down and dirty and Marines love this book. "An Angel Rode My Wing" has all the elements of any great action novel -- from being shot down over North Vietnam and miraculously surviving, similar to a James Bond adventure, to mysterious and mystical occurrences in life.

Iranian Elections - Roadmap To Continued Apathy
The recent first round of the Iranian elections somewhat resembled the rise to power of the promising Mohammed Khatami first time round in 1999. But despite the break from apathy seen over recent elections, the liveliness does not bode anywhere near the same promise that Khatami managed to swirl up six years ago.

Wayne's World 2005 Is a Clear Window into a Muddy Iraq
Soldier's Web log shows humanity of war through the eyes of soldiers in the 155th Brigade Combat Team.

Without Walls International Church's Pastor Paula White To Speak At Washington Gala Honoring Departing Ambassador Of Israel, Daniel Ayalon
Pastor Paula White of Without Walls International Church will be among the featured speakers at the January 14th Washington, D.C. gala honoring departing Israel Ambassador to the United States, the honorable Daniel Ayalon and his wife Anne. Releases a Proposed Internet Marketing Strategy for Bill Richardson

Washington D.C. (PRWEB) May 26, 2007 -- According to, the internet is increasingly becoming the venue of choice for many of the candidates to communicate with the American people. Each of the candidates promote their,, and accounts.

All of the social networking sites have become a integral part of the marketing campaigns of each of the candidates. "Hillary Clinton has uploaded a total of 28 videos, has over 3,000 subscribers and over 600,000 have browsed her channel on," says David Terr of the web site.

Google Adsense has been another way for candidates to get more visitors to their websites. And dissects the internet marketing campaign of one such candidate, Bill Richardson, and offers suggestions on how he can better use his money.

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