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Israel Casinos
Israel is a country that is widely visited by tourists from all over the world through cruise ships, land, and air, even with the recent disturbances. Its rich history and culture draw crowds every year to explore and enjoy its beauty. For this reason, even if at present there are no casinos in Israel, there are plans of opening two of them simultaneously in Eilat and Mizpe Ramon, which are expected to be frequented often by both locals and tourists.

Top Israeli Counter Terrorism Expert Joins SSC, Inc.
Former Israeli Security Expert Helps SSC Expand Commitment to International Clients

Fighter Pilot David Bishop?s Miraculous Healing in the Euphrates River, Iraq, Put Him on the Road to the White House Paved by Powerful Corporate
Powerful corporate executives, denied defense contracts by the present administration, acquire all computer voting machine companies and elect retired fighter pilot David Bishop President of the United States.

Rabbi Eckstein Attends Rev. Falwell's Funeral In Dual Role -- Longtime Friend And Official Representative Of Israel
Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, will attend Rev. Jerry Falwell's Funeral from Jerusalem, Israel, May 22 at 1 PM Eastern. He will honor Rev. Falwell as friend of 30 years and as an official representative of Israel.

Indiana In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Center Receives Accreditation from the College of American Pathologists
The Women's Specialty Health Care Center utilizes ultrasound guided in-vitro fertilization techniques which according to very recent medical studies may increase the opportunity for a successful pregnancy by up to 50%. This process is very welcome news for the 12% of women (7.3 million) in the United States who have difficulty becoming pregnant according to the National Center for Health Statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Suicide Rate Rises Among Iraq Vets -- Author Claims There is Only One Basic Cause of Suicide

San Luis Obispo, CA (PRWEB) April 19, 2007 -- In her novel about suicide, "For the Sake of All Others," Evelyn Cole explores through her main character several possible reasons for the suicide of a popular high school student.

A former high school teacher, Cole knew of students in her district who committed suicide and personally knew one veteran who did. Her research for this novel brought her to the conclusion that shame underlies every suicide, whether or not it is a conscious feeling. "Shame is the root of most evil," she says. "Anger may lead one to kill others and then self as in Columbine High School and Virginia Tech, but beneath that rage is a buried shameful self-concept.

Bookwire Review of "For the Sake of All Others", March 21, 2006: "Hal Martin loves his work as principal. He loves interacting with students, and he wants to be on the frontline of education, making a difference in his kids' lives. But when one of his favorite students hangs himself in the school gym, Hal begins to ask some difficult questions of himself and his community. In a wealthy area where appearances are more important than anything else, everyone wants Hal to drop his investigation and let things get back to normal. Hal's crusade for the truth may uncover more than he can handle."

"Cole tells the story of a man who has allowed others to dictate his life. She deftly invokes sympathy for Hal, even as she reveals him to be flawed. Hal is miserable -- his wife and mother both want him to move up the ranks of the school district, but Hal's priority is taking care of his students. His investigation into Jason's suicide is not just an opportunity to learn how he failed Jason, but a journey into reclaiming the parts of himself he thinks he has lost--his integrity, honesty, and passion for life."

"Cole's prose amply serves her purposes here. Her description of the status-conscious California town contrast with her deep, rich portrayal of Western Australia, the Dreamtime place that serves as Hal's spiritual home."

Jack Mothershed of Cayucos, California, writes, "I was impressed with For the Sake of All Others, not just with Cole's writing, but with her ability to write an exciting, enjoyable novel about the third leading cause of death among teenagers."

Kathy Smith of Arroyo Grande, California, left this message, "I just finished reading For the Sake of All Others and don't understand why you don't make the best seller list for all of your novels. I like the way you write."

"For the Sake of All Others" is available at and

About the Author
Evelyn Cole is a successful poet and novelist living in San Luis Obispo County. She taught English for twenty-three years and has both a master's degree in literature and fine art in writing. "For the Sake of All Others" is her first novel. Two more of her novels are available at and "A Tough Journey" and "Gambling for Good Mail."

"For the Sake of All Others"
Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Infinity Publishing (July 2003)
Language: English

For further information contact:
Evelyn Cole



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