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As Real Estate Market Slows Down, Indiana Brokerage Offers Alternative to 6% Commissions
With real estate transitioning to a buyer?s market, property owners are seeking out new ways to reduce the cost of selling their homes. With its flat fee MLS listing service, Mentor Listing Realty now allows Indiana property sellers to dramatically reduce the cost of selling a home.

Indiana Pacers 2006-07 Preview
One of the most disappointing teams for the past few seasons, the Indiana Pacers have been on a steady decline ever since their former small forward Ron Artest charged into the stands to attack Pistons fans. After losing his replacement, Peja Stojakovic for almost nothing, they find themselves without championship caliber talent for the first time in half a decade.

US and Iraq -- New Film Explores a Canadian Point of View
Omer Pasha's short film venture 'Come To Me (Ashura-Festival Edit)' features symbolism and portraits from the story of Karbala and the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (as) grandson of the Holy Prophet Muhummad (pbuh). The video features mourning of a woman (Farhat Pasha) for Zainab (as), sister of Imam Hussain (as) and Shiah acts of martydorm for the remembrance of Imam Hussain (as) performed by Omer Pasha. The message of the film is 'The Hurt Of Karbala Will Only Be Undone On Resurrection' , the reappearing of Imam Mahdi and Jesus Christ will bring resurrection closer.

Indianapolis Company Develops the Warning Watchdog, an Anti-Theft System for Condensing Units
Jackson Systems announces the Warning WatchdogTM, an alarm system that monitors individual condensing units and immediately detects voltage interruption and refrigerant loss. When activated, the Warning WatchdogTM sounds an extremely loud siren and can also trigger an alarm, phone dialer or any other security device.

Israel Berger & Associates, LLC Positioned for Continued Growth
Announces Appointment of Four New Principals and Selection of Financial Partner

Shunra Offers New WAN Optimization and Application Acceleration Selection Turnkey Service

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 7, 2007 -- Shunra, the world's leading provider of network simulation solutions, today announced a WAN optimization and application acceleration selection turnkey service aimed at helping organizations of all sizes select the WAN optimization product that will provide the greatest value, based on the company's specific IT environment and business requirements. The service is delivered by Shunra's Professional Services consultants who work on site with company project leaders to evaluate WAN optimization solutions from different vendors. Shunra's award-winning Shunra VE solution and proprietary "Performance ROI" methodology is used to ensure that all vendors are compared using the same conditions and measured using comparable metrics.

Shunra is presenting its WAN optimization and application acceleration selection methodology at a webinar series to be held during the week of June 18, 2007. For more information and registration, go to

"Businesses are now dependent on the effective delivery of IT services over the WAN, and technologies that optimize the performance of applications have become virtually indispensable. However, because different vendors' solutions vary so greatly, selecting the right solution can be extremely difficult," said Shunra CEO Thomas Charlton. "Shunra is the only company to offer a WAN optimization and application acceleration selection turnkey service that solves this problem. The turnkey service provides companies with concrete, objective analysis and reports on which to base purchasing decisions - all without the need for a capital purchase, lengthy technology ramp-up, or extensive technology and staff resource commitments."

Shunra's performance ROI metric and benchmarking methodology were developed based on many years of in-depth customer and technological knowledge and experience. Shunra's approach to analyzing WAN optimization and application acceleration solutions cuts through the hype and confusion in the marketplace and ensures that every dollar invested in these technologies yields the maximum possible benefit in terms of performance. A White Paper describing Shunra's WAN optimization benchmarking process and ROI calculations can be downloaded at:

"The question for the WAN optimization or application acceleration technology buyer is which product will improve the response time of business processes and increase remote end-user productivity in the real-world," said Matt Reid, Shunra Vice President of Marketing. "Undertaking vendor comparisons and calculating performance ROI over the real-life production network is impractical and can be downright dangerous. It is therefore essential to benchmark solutions in a controlled environment that accurately replicates the production network and provides full visibility into performance on remote end-users' desktops."

As part of the turnkey service, Shunra uses its award-winning Shunra VE simulation solution to accurately benchmark products under consideration. Shunra VE is a highly robust, comprehensive network simulation solution that creates a virtual network environment in the pre-deployment network lab. It delivers a powerful, flexible and easy way to test the performance of applications and network equipment under a wide variety of network impairments - exactly as if they were running in a real production environment. In addition, Shunra's consultants interview business stakeholders to review critical applications and define the business processes to be used, then implement the benchmarking testing steps needed to produce comparison reports that highlight the vendors that meet or exceed the most critical business requirements.

Shunra's WAN optimization and application acceleration selection turnkey service delivers a number of benefits:

Faster decision making: By fully validating the WAN acceleration solution-of-choice in a repeatable and controlled lab, the Shunra turnkey service eliminates the need for extensive field trials - allowing companies to make fast, yet optimal, decisions and quickly realize the full benefits of their technology investments.

Simple evaluation process without a capital expenditure: The service simplifies the evaluation process by providing all the necessary technology, expertise and manpower to accurately test WAN acceleration products under true production-like network conditions.

Accurate evaluation process: By ensuring the accuracy and consistency of testing conditions, Shunra's consultants protect the integrity of the vendor selection process with fully documented procedures that easily justify the decision.

Level playing field: Using Shunra's scientific "performance ROI" methodology, Shunra's consultants ensure that all vendors are compared using the same conditions and measured using comparable metrics.

The new service is delivered by Shunra's Professional Services organization, which can be reached at experts(at), or by calling 1-877-474-8672.

About Shunra Software
Shunra is the pioneer and market leader in testing the performance and behavior of services across today's complex networks. The Shunra VE network simulation solutions let users know exactly how their voice, video and business applications will perform in any network environment - before they are rolled out into production. Many leading companies worldwide use Shunra's award-winning solutions, including 3M, Boeing, Cisco, Dow Chemical, EMC, FedEx, General Motors, JPMorgan Chase, Kelly Services, Merrill Lynch, Motorola, Nestle, Pitney Bowes, and Vodafone. Shunra's headquarters are located in New York City, and the company has a major R&D center in Israel, and offices in the UK and Sweden. Shunra is also supported through a global network of channel partners. A free trial of Shunra's network simulation technology is available at For more information on Shunra, please visit

Shunra is a trademark of Shunra Software Ltd. All other trademarks and registered trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.



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