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Buying Homeowners Insurance In Indiana
Did you know that according to the Indiana Department of Insurance (IDI), the insurance industry is one of Indiana's largest employers. That being said, that means there are many insurance options for homeowners in Indiana. Because the insurance industry is so large, there must be tough regulation to ensure the protection of the consumer.

Creativity Per Capita Will Spike in Fort Wayne Indiana in June 2007
The amount of creativity per capita in Fort Wayne Indiana is set to dramatically spike in just six short weeks - as Create the Dream! (CTD) Magazine hosts their 2nd Annual Creativity BEE?.

It is Not Whether or Not to Audit Elections, But How, as Explained in an analysis from National Election Data Archive
How many ballots have to be counted to detect vote counting errors that are big enough to change the outcome of an election? With more and more contested elections since 2000, the question is not just academic. According to an analysis by M.I.T. mathematician Ronald Rivest, in an average US House race with a 1% margin between candidates and 440 precinct counts, a 2% audit may only have a 27% chance of uncovering vote count error, while a 20% audit may have a 97% chance of uncovering vote count error.

Why Do US Media Ignore Secret UK Government Memo On A Mega Iraq War Conspiracy?
The blogosphere has been jumping around the story like crazy but it seems the mainstream media are doing their best to ignore it. Yet it's been branded the most extensive case of governing-level conspiracy plotting in ages.

Miami-Based elements Fitness Prepares for Israel Launch
elements for Woman, an upscale, womens-only, South Beach fitness and lifestyle brand has launched an Israel development initiative.

Election `08 Alert! RINGTONES08.COM Debuts as First Free Site For Posting & Sharing Election 2008 Ringtones

Providence, RI and Deerfield Beach, FL (PRWEB) June 27, 2007 -- A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes well-chosen short political sound bites can rally a cause, make us laugh, and even sway an election. Now (, a joint Green Machine PR and Mobile Active production in partnership with MyxerTones, introduces the first free site that lets people easily create and share ringtones about the upcoming 2008 elections.

Ringtones08 makes it quick and easy to create ringtones and broadcast opinions - from any political persuasion - about national or local candidates, issues, get out the vote, or any other subject dealing with the 2008 election. To post a ringtone, users simply go to, click on "Submit Your Tone" and follow the steps on MyxerTones' site to upload their 20 second audio file.

" lets someone in Utah turn a political gaffe or gem into an original ringtone that someone in Manhattan can broadcast every time their cell phone rings - in the subway, at their office, in the mall," said Jo Lee, co-conspirator at "RingTones08 leverages the viral quality of digital media to push user-generated content into real world venues." relies on MyxerTones' revolutionary platform that simplifies the delivery of any user-generated content (such as music, video, pictures, and more) to mobile devices, no matter which carrier or network the phone is on. "MyxerTones is pleased to power," said Myk Willis, founder and CTO of MyxerTones. "Just as MyxerTones has democratized the mobile marketplace, making it possible for anyone to bring their content to mobile phones, RingTones08 is using that power to bring political discourse to the mobile platform."

"We've been obsessed with ringtones ever since we heard about the huge impact political ringtones made in the Philippines in 2004," said Katrin Verclas, co-conspirator at "Activists made a ringtone of a wiretapped recording of the president talking about how she rigged the vote. It wound up being one of the most popular ringtones ever and grabbed headlines worldwide." was designed by Rhode Island-based Big Ring Design.

About is the first free site to let anyone of any political persuasion post and share ringtones about the 2008 US election. is a joint Green Machine PR and Mobile Active production in partnership with Join the political conversation at and Ring it ON!

About MyxerTones?

MyxerTones ( is a community-based website that allows independent artists and their fans to easily communicate and deliver ringtones and wallpapers. With a consistently growing user base of more than 1 MILLION users who are now downloading more than two million ringtones and wallpaper images each month, MyxerTones' revolutionary platform simplifies the delivery of any user-generated content to mobile devices, no matter which carrier or network the phone is on. Other Myxer offerings include: MyxerTags? ( ), which allow musicians, brands and other rights holders to quickly and easily sell their unique content as ringtones or wallpaper images directly from their own websites or MySpace pages; MyxerCodes? for promoting ringtones using text messages that are shared from the stage or in promotional materials; and more. mVisible Technologies ( is the company behind the Myxer TM brand and is based in Deerfield Beach, Florida

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