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Fifty Years, Three Continents: A Renowned Pediatrician Remembers His Life in Iran and Beyond
"Over the past fifty years, I have served as pediatrician to Royalty and the world's wealthiest families, the kind you see on magazine covers, as well as to the poorest people on Earth, the kind you see late at night, on television." So says Ralph Salimpour M.D., D.C.H., F.A.A.P. in his just-published memoir, Silent River, Empty Night: Diary of a Pediatrician in Iran, which encompasses his personal and professional life, as well as his experiences during the revolution in Iran.

Jim Trippon, New Candidate in Hunters Creek Village Election Race, Denounces Alleged Fiscal Mismanagement
Jim Trippon CPA, the newest candidate in the Hunters Creek Village, Texas, election opened his campaign with a denunciation of alleged waste and mismanagement of public works projects by the previous city council.

America Needs Election Reform to Ensure Congressional Honesty
America must implement a policy on Election Reform that is equitable and fair to everyone. It is something we must do if we are to be a progressive society, a society for everyone, rich or poor.

Indiana Jones and the Cave of John the Baptist
The discovery of "the cave of John the Baptist" not far away from Jerusalem was a great journalistic drama. Archaeological news easily lights the imagination.

Live Internet Webcast of Michigan Mock Elections through Michigan Live November 2nd, 2006 at Leland School -- will Host Candidates for Stat
At 9:00 AM EST the service in association with Absolute Michigan will broadcast the entire event live over the internet at and at For the past twenty years, northern Michigan's Leland High School government class has been hosting a rally and mock election. Between the first day of school and the day of the election, students in Leland's government class work diligently on completing the project, managing their work through student-directed committees that handle everything from signs and decorations to creating video ...

Bottle Trek Launches Website to Offer Top-Rated Worldwide Microbrews by the Bottle or in Monthly Club Selections

Eugene, Oregon (PRWEB) June 29, 2007 -- Those who appreciate the taste of a well brewed beer now have a website where they will find top-rated microbrews from the United States and around the world. Because most people are limited to microbrews in their local area, they do not often get a chance to enjoy beers from other areas. houses hundreds of these beers, making them easily accessible via the Internet. is set up so that shoppers can search for microbrews in a variety of ways; type of beer, keyword or phrase search, and beer of the month club packages. Additional features of the website include listings for seasonal beers, featured brews, and new arrivals.

For additional information about Bottle Trek, visit

About Bottle Trek:

Bottle Trek was created out of a passion for the fuller and more complex flavor of the microbrew. Taking this concept one step further, this company serves to bring these beers directly to their customers.

Chad E. Williams, owner

Bottle Trek, LLC




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