Sanders for Congress - Keep Hope Alive!

Music Artist and Runner-Up for Miss World - Nazanin - Presents Riveting Documentary Outlining Heroic Efforts to Save Life of Iranian Woman Who Shares
Bodog Music artist and former Miss Canada Nazanin hosts a documentary to save the life of an 18 year old girl of the same name. It will be shown on Bodog.TV.

Checks for Summer ‚€“ Memories and Patriotism
Personal checks are just one of the ways to extend your beliefs and ideals to the many people who will receive your checks. Following the themes and landscapes of the seasons, making check choices is better than ever.

Democrats in Congress ... What Does that Mean for My Wallet?
Long-time financial advisor predicts changes in monetary policy and other new legislation. Reports Construction Projects Up For Bid in the Indianapolis, IN Area
BidClerk's daily update of Indiana construction projects coming up for bid and starting construction within the next 90 days.

New Product Brings the Holy Land of Israel to the United States -- Literally
Holy Land Earth imports and sells affordable packages of fertile soil from Israel for use in burial ceremonies, gravesite visits, and any other use buyers deem appropriate.

Agee Woodworks Adds Custom Cabinet Mantels to Selection

Ashland, VA (PRWEB) July 2, 2007 -- Agee Woodworks, the leading provider of custom fireplace mantels, proudly announces the addition of custom cabinet mantels to their already impressive selection of custom fireplace mantels( This addition is another step in Agee Woodworks' continuing drive to offer their customers the best selection of top quality, customer fireplace mantels, which can be found at:

By adding Cabinet Mantels to their selection of custom fireplace mantels, Agee Woodworks continues to cement themselves as the industry leader for handmade, custom fireplace mantels. "We just want to continue offering the best selection of fireplace mantels to our customers," Carol Agee, Vice President of Agee Woodworks said. "We understand that not every house is the same, which is why all of our mantels are custom made to order."

The Cabinet Mantels offered by Agee Woodworks adds another set of options for homeowners that have fireplaces that are set away from the wall and are more a piece of furniture because of this. Each Cabinet Mantel ( built by Agee Woodworks is custom built to fit the measurements designated by the client. This ensures that not only is each Cabinet Mantel made for the person ordering it, but that it is sure to fit their fireplace, as opposed to some mantels that are mass produced to a standard size.

As with all of their fireplace mantels, the cabinet mantels offered by Agee Woodworks are available finished and unfinished; this allows the customer to either finish their mantel when they receive it or Agee can stain or finish it before it is shipped.

The addition of custom Cabinet Mantels ( by Agee Woodworks is part of their continuing effort to offer their customers the best selection of top quality fireplace mantels. "We couldn't be happier about offering our high quality cabinet mantels to our valued customers," Carol Agee said. "They're the perfect fit for any homeowner looking to give their fireplace a polished look."

Agee Woodworks Inc. has been handcrafting wood fireplace mantels of impeccable style and quality for the last 12 years. From its beginning in Stuart Agee's basement in 1996, Agee Woodworks has specialized in building custom fireplace mantels to their customers' specifications - they can even replicate a mantel design from a photograph. Known for their customer service, Agee Woodworks is dedicated to working with customers to understand their specific needs and measurements. Agee Woodworks Inc. can be found on the Internet at:


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