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AP/AOL News Poll: Majority of Americans Say the Country is on the Wrong Track -- 67 Percent of Respondents Oppose Sending Troops to Iraq; 63
On the eve of President Bush's 2007 State of the Union address, a newly released Associated Press/AOL News poll ( cites that the majority of Americans (66 percent) think the United States is on the wrong track, though a shift of power in Congress is inspiring some hope for change.

Iranian Scholar and Expatriate Supports Total Removal of Theology State in Iran in New Book
Romanticism and Revivalism of Pure Divine Motherland of Iran is based on a visionary's personal experience with political corruption

Ric Smith Ready for General Election
Ric Smith (D-Finley Point), candidate for Senate District 5 in Flathead and Lake Counties, Montana is prepared for the general election.

Indianapolis Museum of Art and Scala InfoChannel Guide the Way to Inform Museum Visitors
Celebrating 20-years of Global Leadership in the Digital Signage Industry

In Rural Indiana County, Economic Development is More Than Bringing in New Factories
Economic development in rural areas means three things: attracting new businesses, retaining existing employers and home-growing entrepreneurial enterprises that will provide good jobs and contribute to the local economy. A northeast Indiana economic development group will discuss how it accomplishes these three goals at a Feb. 22 forum in Huntington, Indiana.

WiMax Election Strategy

So you are ready to run for public office are you? You want to start at the city level? Good idea, as you like many other Americans are not satisfied and want to help fix the world? So you are ready to go, right? Well what is your platform, what new ideas are you going to bring to the table? Have you thought much on that one? No? Well, how about a platform calling for citywide Internet Wireless access? Wow, that would be something that would get everyone all jazzed and talking about your issues. Literally gapping the digital divide in your own city.

WiMax stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. It is like WiFi for your wireless laptop or other such device but it is 50 times more powerful. It works on 802.16 instead of WiFi, which works on 802.11. You can have both in one area without any electronic conflicts. Some cities are already planning this and some already have it. Some WiMax locations can work for 5 to 25 miles away. Wal-Mart is even thinking of blasting it from all their stores? Imagine instant communication from 7500 Wal-Mart stores? Now that is some serious instant coverage? This makes Vonage seem even better doesn't it? Mobile wireless Internet phone; all this shows how one technology can trump another indeed.

Imagine running on a 802.16 platform for city council. Example, elect Bob to city council and I will see that WiMax is available to the Internet all over the city; citywide? No more dial up or other problems and best of all the speed of WiMax will blow the doors off anything else. A WiMAX antenna can beam high-speed Internet connections to homes and businesses of up to 30 miles.

Many cities have already begun to launch their WiMax systems including Tempe, AZ, Washington D.C., LA, NYC, Boston, Atlanta, Tampa, Providence and many others are contemplating this right now. If you are running for office you need to tell the citizens about WiMax and its advantages to your city and how you plan to gap the digital divide once and for all, that's the ticket. Think about it.

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