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Unemployment Iraqi Style
Let's put it all into perspective: the U.S.

MD-IT Adds Regional Office in Indiana
MD-IT, a provider of medical transcription services and software to physicians and ambulatory clinics, announced today that it has added a new regional office in Northern Indiana with the acquisition of Michiana Transcribers, Inc.

Hollywood Takes a Roll in 2008 Presidential Election
Hollywood's top stars such as George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston, and Barbra Streisand attended a Hollywood fundraiser in February, but the guest star of the evening was Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. The event brought in a little over $1million for the 45-year-old presidential candidate. The fundraiser was arranged by three of the entertainment industry's biggest names - DreamWorks studio founders Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen . Presidential candidates have long been attracted to California by the prospect of high dollars and the opportunity to bask in Hollywood glamour. Now there is also another lure for 2008 candidates?the prospect the state may move up its primary, creating a treasure trove of dele...

Human Rights Group: Israel Police Top Cop Quits After Commission's Verdict
Committee For The Defense of Human Rights: Israel's police commander resigned after a government commission said he ignored ties between senior officers and underworld figures.

An Environmental Voting Guide for US State Elections
In these times when states are suffering extreme downward pressure on budgets and spending, how is our environment making out? Did it suffer cuts right along with the Program to Assist Millionaires Become Billionaires? Are important environmental projects being dropped from the budget along with luxury items like the statehouse's new Gold-Plated Enforcement Gavel?And why is the issue of environmental protection relevant at the state level? Doesn't the US Environmental Protection Agency handle all that stuff? This article answers these questions and provides smart-voting tools for you to help ensure your surroundings remain green and healthful.ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION AT THE STATE LEVELWhile the US Environmental Protection Agency garners much of...

Iran Scrambles Cable TV Channels

Is the Iranian government afraid of the outside world? Once again trying to keep its citizens in the dark as to what is going on? Is the leadership worried about a huge civil war out break? It appears something is up. The moderates in Iran are pro-western world and culture and want to have improved lives and increased quality of life. They are looking for a sign for the US and other nations to back them up in a revolution. It appears that revolution is getting closer by the minute.

There is much anger in that country towards the regime there. Elections are coming up soon and there might be a revolution, one which might take place without a shot being fired as those who have their TV signals blocked off know exactly why. Iranian leaders in power want to keep their power and are using microwaves to block satellite TV signals from World News and from their opposition party.

Microwaves however kill brain cells and they are literally frying the brains of the masses in doing this. The Islamic revolution twenty six years ago is trying to keep out the Western World but the masses see what is happening in Iraq with free elections and the Bush strategy of steadfast strength of character to do what ever it takes for however it takes is giving Iranians hope that they too maybe able to join free Iraq.

A couple of things might happen here, Iranians will say enough of this crap and oust the current regime or boycott the election and then nullify its results in a civil war. Currently those in power want to keep their power so much that the signals are so powerful that even Telestar 12 signals are not getting thru in Tehran. Many of the signals are run from the Western World by sympathizers who left Iran. Some of these stations are in Los Angles. Our military needs to allow these stations to use their satellites to blast thru the microwaves.

Luckily the microwaves are also hurting the local state TV channels. Also screwed up is the mobile telephone networks which are already over subscribed. What Iran needs is some good hard capitalism and free markets to fix all these problems; they have everything else they need there. Any new regime can then sit down with world leaders and discuss the nuclear weapons issues and fix those problems.

This is not the first time Iranian leadership has tried this, two-years ago they did the same thing, but denied it. Everyone knows the dangers of microwaves on the bio-system, some minors and temporary but other very severe such as cancer, birth defects and infertility. Imagine sticking your head into a low powered microwave oven and turning it on?

If you lived in that country would you put up with that or would you stand up and take out that government immediately? Would you allow your body to be slowly cooked causing deformation of your next child, leukemia or brain tumors? Or would you do what men throughout history have done with tyrannical radical fundamental hypocrite leaders? Real men, who have real manhood would stand up and do something about it. I wonder if the men in Iran have the toughness to take care of this regime now? Or if they are too afraid to fight for what is morally right against a regime which is clearly unfit to lead? The world is watching, do they have the manhood to do anything about it?

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