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Car Trip Planner Site for Independent Tourists to Israel, the only Israel travel site geared to independent travelers who explore Israel by car, suggests road trips and rural lodgings, with accompanying sectional road maps, and highlights sites along the way.

Iranian Elections - Roadmap To Continued Apathy
The recent first round of the Iranian elections somewhat resembled the rise to power of the promising Mohammed Khatami first time round in 1999. But despite the break from apathy seen over recent elections, the liveliness does not bode anywhere near the same promise that Khatami managed to swirl up six years ago.

Wayne's World 2005 Is a Clear Window into a Muddy Iraq
Soldier's Web log shows humanity of war through the eyes of soldiers in the 155th Brigade Combat Team.

John Buhrle Aims to Honor Iraqi Warriors, Veterans, and Military Medical Personnel with his Book, I.E.D - A Son's Journey to Iraq and Back
John Buhrle describes the events surrounding the injury of his son, a United States Marine, by a suicide car bomber and the amazing response by his son's buddies, the military medical personnel, and the public with the publication of I.E.D - A Son's Journey to Iraq and Back in conjunction with Lulu (, the world's fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.

A Brief Look at Afghanistan
Afghanistan is a country located in Central Asia. Afghanistan is often considered to be part of the Middle East due to its location on the Iranian plateau.

Two Poems on the Iraqi War [The Gluttonous Guns, and The Letter]

The Gluttonous Guns
[Iraqi War, 2005]

Look at the hot, Gluttonous guns of war
Swift they go, to kill our dearest ones;
Brothers, and dads, sons and husbands:
Swift we go to the pitiless call of war!

There is little sleeping going on at night...
In the gluttonous sands of the Iraqi war
Back home there're wailing and weeping
Ov'r this pot of crickets, an endless fight!

War, war, war, and hark to the beast of war‚€”
High, and near, low and clear, clear, clear:
I don't see one, not one millionaire there?
Not one gluttonous, greedy millionaire!...

#737 6/24/05

No Letters
[Iraqi War]

"Where are you going?" I asked my son
‚€”on this, sunny of summer days
"I'm going to Iraq to fight for freedom,"
I didn't know what to say

... so off he went, to fight in the sands
In this far off place called Iraq‚€”
Proudly he looked back at me,
As I prayed, he'd soon come back.

Why, doesn't' he write, my son, my son
I wait for the mail each day;
It's when you don't know
Your mind starts to go, go‚€”!
Imagining awful strange things.

I got a letter today, today‚€”it said:
They fought a great battle by Baghdad;
And many lost there lives, I guess‚€”
And the truth of the matter is, it is
My son was among the dead!...

He'll never come home again, I know
And my nights are long and thin
But he proved to be, noble and true
Who fought for hope and freedom?
For a country that owes him everything.

#740 6/2005

Author Dennis Siluk, his new book is out, called, "Spell of the Andes," now at He lives in Peru, a good part of the year, and in St. Paul, Minnesota


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