Sanders for Congress - Keep Hope Alive!

Kids PACE Express Appoints Indiana Showcase Club
GENESIS, A New Beginning in Fitness to be first health club in Indiana with Kids PACE Express Hydraulic Circuit Training Program.

Forward Op-Ed: Co-founder of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Talks about Past Islamic Republic's Complicity and Future Danger
The Forward, America's most influential Jewish weekly newspaper, is publishing a startling Op-Ed this week by a co- founder of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, Mohsen Sazegara. The op-ed ( coincides with a Bill introduced last week by Congressman Tom Lantos (D-CA), the Iran Counter-Proliferation Act of 2007, calling for the Revolutionary Guard to be declared a terrorist organization.

7 Reasons You ARE Your Own Best Product, or Lessons From the 2004 Presidential Election
The 2004 election is over--at least in the minds of the public--and analysis runs rampant as to why Senator John Kerry lost. From a business viewpoint, one could say that he simply didn't sell the product.

Indiana Songwriter Writes Song About Chely Wright
Songwriter loves to write songs, say friends and family.

Without Walls International Church's Pastor Paula White To Speak At Washington Gala Honoring Departing Ambassador Of Israel, Daniel Ayalon
Pastor Paula White of Without Walls International Church will be among the featured speakers at the January 14th Washington, D.C. gala honoring departing Israel Ambassador to the United States, the honorable Daniel Ayalon and his wife Anne.

Fossil Collecting Disaster In Indiana

When fossil collecting, road cuts can hold many treasures for fossil hunters. But fossil hunters BEWARE! Those cuts hold something more: varmints that will hang on to your skin long after you?ve taken your fossil treasures home.

A Lesson Learned We?re new at this fossil hunting thing. Oh, we found our share of relics when we were kids and young adults, but as bona fide rock hounds, we are novices. We learned the varmint lesson the hard way this summer.

The Danger Sign On a tip from a friend on a great place to find crinoids, we excitedly scrambled over a road cut in southern Indiana, paying no heed to the telltale signs that should have made us take care. In the excitement of fossil collecting, we ignored the water that was seeping from the cut...never thinking that the plants were anything more than a mild impediment to our rock hounding.

Something Found Us By the next morning, our armpits and waists were dotted with quarter-inch red bumps. Surprisingly, the chiggers hadn?t cared much for our ankles! My husband, who grew up in the west, had never experienced the intense itching of those little critters. Days after we arrived home and still itching, he scoured the internet for preventions and cures.

Oh, Now I Remember I should have known better. I grew up in southern Ohio; chiggers were part of everyday summer life. I also should have thought about the poison ivy that was lurking there. Be the third day after we arrived home, my entire face was swollen and red?and the itching was nearly unbearable. The poison seemed to spread for weeks. It was a full 2 months before the last of the nasty red patches were gone.

Better Safe Than Sorry So when fossil collecting take heed! Cover your body COMPLETELY when you go out in the field. Along with your rock hammer, carry some powdered sulphur to rub around your ankles, waist, wrists and armpits. My mother never went out to the garden without first dowsing herself in that natural chigger-repellent.

Make sure you have access to a hot shower and use special cleansers for removing the urushiol (poison ivy sap or oil) that causes the watery blisters.

A little consciousness about the plants and animals that shared the road cut would have made our excursion?or the return from it, a whole lot more enjoyable!

A Lasting Memory We did find lots of crinoid fossils, but they were not what we remember most about this fossil collecting trip!

Claudia Mann is a teacher, and a contributor to where you can Learn more about fossil hunting at Claudia and her husband own , a place where you can find great fossils.


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