Sanders for Congress - Keep Hope Alive!

Iranian, Muslim, Arab-American Comedians Join Forces for One Night of Politically Charged Stand-up Comedy on Sunday, March 4 in New York City
Can an Iranian be funny? Can a Muslim tell a joke? Can an Arab make you laugh? Find out at this edgy stand up comedy show featuring many of the comedians from Comedy Central's "The Watch List".

Obama Kicks Off Community Campaign in Both Real and Virtual World
Barack Obama is a candidate for the President of the United States from Illinois. Second Life is a virtual world created by Linden Labs with over 4.5 million inhabitants.

Sports-O-Zone USA Provides Equipment Sanitation System for Super Bowl XLI Bound Indianapolis Colts
Elkhart Indiana based Sports-O-Zone USA provides a revolutionary patented equipment sanitation system to the Super Bowl bound Indianapolis Colts. The company manufactures a machine that offers a solution to control the problem of Staph and MRSA that is plaguing the NFL.

Jewish Humor Website Releases Short Film Titled "Boycotting Israel"
"Boycotting Israel" takes a humorous look at what the world would look like if people actually followed through on their boycott attempt.

Author Says Rush Babies Threaten Democratic Election Victory
A growing demographic of 18 to 35-year-olds who grew up listening to conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh are now of voting age. These "Rush Babies" comprise a significant portion of the Republican Party base, and their political activism threatens to upset the conventional wisdom of an easy victory for Democrats this November.

Keyword Selection - Finding A Good One! - Part 1

How do I attract more traffic to my website?

What are the best Keywords to use for my niche product?

What keywords should I use for ad words?

Why is my site not making money?

These are common questions for the newbie, and for many not-so. With a little experience, you see how much you don't know!

Keywords are a big part of SEO (search engine optimization), and much time, money and effort is spent researching the most popular keywords for a particular use.

What many people forget, is that selling something on the internet, whether it is your site, your product or your affiliate promotion, is really no different from selling anything anywhere.

The thing they always seem to forget is the law of Supply and Demand. If there is a demand for something, you can sell it. If there is a plentiful supply the buyer has plenty of choice, and will not need to buy from a particular supplier or at any particular price.

To make a living selling something, goods, services, whatever it may be, we must have a demand. And to be able to sell our product, the buyer should have a limited choice of sellers.

There are a couple of ways of finding something with a demand. The first is by advertising to convince people they need a particular product - creating a demand. This is what the Ad Agencies excel at. Whether they are selling soap powder or politicians, they can do it. But have you seen the cars the account executives drive? Sounds expensive!!

The second way is to find something already in demand. Not only this but it would be nice if this demand was for something in short supply! Then all we have to do is supply the thing in demand with little competition.

This is how we must choose our keywords. Sure start off with a list of the most popular keywords for your chosen topic, say games. Check overture for games, and get a list using this word. But now check Google and see how much information is available for each of these words.

Find a few with a good "Demand", say over 500 searches in the last Month. Then match them up with the "Supply" from Google (results show "first 10 of 250,000,000 total" etc).

Now work out what gives the best ratio of "supply" to "demand" (supply should be less than say 1 million). Now the biggest ratio from this little calculation is your Best Keyword, say for the home page of your niche web site. The next ones are also useful, for example one per topic for each page.

Can you see an application to suit your requirements? - it works!

Tony is a retired computer engineer, now working from home on the internet, his latest venture is keyword calculation. His Keyword Value Calculator is available now see for more information.


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